Trinity Senior Making Strides in Music World

Baltazar Lora Wants to Play, Compose and Produce

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Trinity Senior Making Strides in Music World

Trinity senior Baltazar Lora

Trinity senior Baltazar Lora

photo by Jacob Edlin

Trinity senior Baltazar Lora

photo by Jacob Edlin

photo by Jacob Edlin

Trinity senior Baltazar Lora

Jacob Edlin, Staff Reporter

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Passion, talent, hard work. This combination led to Trinity senior Baltazar Lora signing with the label Santander Music. Through his individual work and collaboration with Music Juice, Lora is making strides in the music world.

Music Juice is a YouTube Channel that includes multiple individuals, among them Trinity students Lora, Jacob Nutt, Paul Bradford and others. It was started and is maintained by young adults in the Louisville area. Their collaboration and hard work have earned them thousands of views.   

My concentration is glued to the task at hand, and I see that same concentration in Baltazar when he is writing music.”

— Trinity senior Paul Bradford

Lora has been making music since his eighth-grade year when he started playing guitar on that year’s Christmas day. His family has an extensive background with music.

Lora said, “I have many musicians in my family. I have an uncle who was one of the best classical guitarists of all South America until he was diagnosed with a bad case of arthritis. I am also distantly related to (Columbian composer and producer) Kike Santander, the label owner I am signed under.”

Lora is self-taught and started learning to produce his own music last summer. He hopes to produce all his own music one day.

“I would like to be a musician, composer and producer for both myself and other artists,” he said.

Lora makes indie/alternative and electronic music, and produces rap music. He hopes to prosper in multiple genres as a musician.

When asked how Santander Music heard of him, Lora said, “(Santander) is a Colombian producer, and he is distantly related (to me). I contacted family members until I got his email address and then started bombarding him with music, asking for tips.”

Santander Music is a relatively new label. Santander is a multi-Grammy Award-winning composer and producer. He has worked with artists such as Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Santana.

Lora is working on putting out a small EP soon, with a couple of songs he has composed and produced.

Given his familiarity with Hispanic culture, Lora has also worked a little with Spanish music.

He said, “I have written a couple of Spanish songs, and I’m currently working with Kike to possibly compose music in Spanish for his Hispanic artists, but nothing has come of that yet.”

Writing in Spanish feels somewhat forced, Lora said, but that is not deterring him from wanting to write some in the future.

Fellow seniors Nutt and Bradford gave the inside scoop on working with Lora and Music Juice.

Nutt has known Lora since freshman year, and they met as players for the lacrosse team. That is also when they started playing guitar together a little. Nutt’s contribution to Music Juice is to just play for fun.

Lora usually plays lead guitar, so he just tries to lay down some rhythm. When making a video or song, the atmosphere in the booth is usually fun. Nutt said creating the videos can take a while, but it is a good time and the outcome is nice.

Nutt said,”Music Juice and music in general influence me positively because it’s something I enjoy doing, and it relieves stress, sounds cool and other people like it.”

The group has grown close over time. Nutt said his guitar playing has improved from working with Lora. He said, “(I am) more motivated to do better. I don’t think I would have tried as hard if it weren’t for (Lora).”

Bradford has known Lora since the fifth grade at Sacred Heart Model School. Bradford’s contribution to Music Juice is filming the videos. Bradford felt after listening to Baltazar and his other friends play incredible music for years without recognition, it would be a good idea to share their talent by posting videos on YouTube.

“I just set up my camera, lights and microphones that I already had for my own YouTube channel, and they just did their thing,” Bradford said.

The channel has allowed Bradford to branch out into other areas of videography he didn’t think he would have a chance to explore. It has made him realize all the ways to approach a seemingly simple video.

When making a video, Bradford said, “My concentration is glued to the task at hand, and I see that same concentration in Baltazar when he is writing music.”

                                                                                                                                   photos by Jacob Edlin
Trinity senior Baltazar Lora composes and plays his own music and performs on the YouTube channel Music Juice.

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