Are Some Survivors Media Puppets?

Richard Gregor, Staff Columnist

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On Valentine’s Day 2018, Nikolas Cruz carried an AR15 into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County, Fla. He killed 17 people. This spurred a group of students to take action against gun violence.

Gaining national attention, these students have organized walkouts, marches and protests, and have been on CNN multiple times. David Hogg, Sarah Chadwick, Emma Gonzalez and several other seniors from Douglas are gaining followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Their messages are often directed against the NRA and politicians who’ve accepted donations from the NRA. They call for boycotts of companies with ties to the NRA. They suggest policy and legislation changes that involve gun control. They have been labeled as heroes because they survived a shooting and are speaking out. In reality, they are kids who lack life experience and expertise to speak on the matter.

Richard Gregor              Columnist

The accusations of “crisis actors” is prominent from the far right. One woman on Facebook posted a picture of a yearbook with Hogg’s picture, claiming that he was from California and had gone to school with her. This was proven false considering there is another student pictured in the yearbook on the same page with an MSD “Eagles” T-shirt.

Unfortunately, many people still believe in the conspiracy that these kids aren’t real students, and they’re just planted by CNN and other left-wing-biased media.

CNN, however, does have a part in this.  Though it is right and just to pursue journalism regarding such tragic events and gain insight from survivors, CNN has propped up students who share their views and can help further their political agenda.

They are using these students as puppets. They are not reporting on views other than those in favor of stricter gun regulations. The students often hide under the guise that “this issue isn’t political; that we need to put aside our bi-partisan system and find a solution.”

Indeed, this statement rings true — so when will they stop attacking the right?

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