Typical Trinity Day a Flurry of Activity

ECHO Staff

November 20. A typical day at Trinity. A day that included a blood drive (coordinated by Mrs. Mary Mason), the Investment Club in action (moderated by Mr. Greg Sysol), a House video game contest (held in Mr. Matt Manning’s and Mrs. Betsy Darby’s rooms– won by senior Bob Heady) and the Green Cross Club sending Christmas cards to the troops overseas (coordinated by Mrs. Holly McGuire).

And this was only a fraction of what went on today!

85 Usable Pints Donated to Red Cross

by Bob Heady

Steinhauser Gym hosted a life-saving event conducted by the Red Cross.  Trinity’s fall blood drive, held Nov. 20, brought in 85 usable pints. The donated blood will be used for surgeries, chemotherapy and other medical emergencies.

The blood drive, a Dante House service project, was coordinated by Mrs. Mary Mason, who said, the drive benefits “our community at large. You can save up to three lives for every pint of blood.”

Senior Pedro Sanchez-Villa, who worked at the check-in table, said, “Helping at the blood drive is an essential part of being a man of character and giving back to our community.”

Senior Thomas Conti escorted donors to an area where they received juice and crackers. Conti said, “People are doing an amazing deed by giving blood, and I would like to be here to help them after they are done.”

After giving blood, senior Andrew Volkovitzky said he donated “because it feels like the right thing to do. It is an easy thing to do and takes no time. You end up doing a good thing in the end.”

Heady Wins House Video Game

by Chris Price

The House video game competition finished Becket House senior Bob Heady as champ.  The contest was held in Mrs. Betsy Darby’s and Mr. Matt Manning’s classrooms Nov. 20.

The competitors played Mario Smash Brothers Football. Of his victory, Heady said, “It was a good match. We all had a good time with just some friendly competition.”