Shamrock Spring Sports at Fever Pitch

ECHO Staff

Baseball. Tennis. Track. Lacrosse. Volleyball.  What do these sports have in common?  They are in full swing at Trinity.

Enjoy a small sampling of the action and emotion in this photo gallery created by Forde Womack and Sean Steer (tennis), Evan Thompson (track), Holden Mathis (lacrosse), Bob Heady (volleyball) and Quinton Fewell (baseball).

Winning State THE Goal for Lacrosse Rocks

by Tommy McConville, Editor in Chief

The only thing on the mind is winning state —  every practice, every drill, every game, and every win are dedicated to that mission. Led by 17 seniors, Trinity lacrosse is determined to be the best in Kentucky.

Coming off a recent loss to Culver Military Academy, currently ranked in the top 10 in the country, the lacrosse Rocks are confident about the season ahead. Teamwork and leadership are important ingredients.

Head coach Pete Schroeder said, “It’s going to very much be a team effort. We have a lot of guys that are capable of doing great stuff. We have a big group of seniors that have played a lot of lacrosse here, and those guys will lead the parade, but everyone has to chip in and help carry the program.”

Experience is the key factor the Rocks think will take them a long way.

Senior Jeremiah Hemme said, “As a sophomore, I really looked up to the seniors, and now being in that position has put things into perspective.”

Hemme committed to play lacrosse for the Air Force Academy next year, but made it clear that his work here is not done. The strong leadership the team has this year is crucial now that the JV team is practicing with the varsity.

Senior Austin Graehler said, “The younger kids are getting better looks for next year and the years to come.”

The road to state is never an easy one, especially with the Tigers of St. Xavier being just as hungry for the title as Trinity.

Junior Paul Stickel said, “We definitely want to beat St. X, that and state are always the two main goals.”

The Rocks and Tigers will square off Apr. 1 at Trinity for the first time this year. As lacrosse expands throughout the state, the Rocks’ schedule gets tougher. Along with a consistently good St. X team, schools like Collegiate and Christian Academy are on the rise.

Trinity will also have a vigorous out-of-state schedule as well. Teams such as Cincinnati St. Xavier, Montgomery Bell, and Cincinnati Moeller will be tough matchups for the Rocks later in the season.

Two years ago, Trinity’s season ended with more than 100 Trinity students on St. X’s field celebrating the upset of the Tigers. Last year, the Rocks failed to defend their title — and failed to beat St. X.

Stickel said, “We need to work harder in practice; we need to take things more seriously if we are going to win.”

A strong work ethic and mental attitude are two priorities for the Rocks, along with physical play and a solid strategy.

Schroeder said, “This year I expect us to be more patient on offense and more lockdown and communicative on defense. We have to win every day. If we do that and create that atmosphere where there’s that high expectation, that will take us wherever we want to go.”