Remembering Judy Peake

Mrs. Judy Peake

Mrs. Judy Peake

ECHO Staff


Her co-workers’ words make clear the many ways Judy Peake touched lives. In her 36th year at Trinity, Judy passed away Mar. 24. Gayle Singleton, Flik Assistant Director Dining Services, collected the following remembrances of Judy:

“My friend and I worked side by side at our registers for so long. It was like we could almost read each other’s minds.”  — Elfie Combs

“Judy was always in a happy mood, and she loved THS and the boys at THS.”  — Mary Arthur Morgan

“Even if she was in pain, she would never complain, so you would never know it. Also, if you ever mentioned in conversation that you needed something, she would nine out of 10 times come in the next day with that something for you.”  — Tammy Peake

“Judy was always smiling and so friendly. Every day she was so happy to be at work and around the people at THS.”                                                                                                                     — Andrea Brightman

“Pens, quarters, and snacks — you are the queen of them all.”                                                                                                                — Lynn Nash

“Miss Judy was a nice person.”  — Ed Bowen

“Judy always remembered my birthday; she was so thoughtful.”                                                                                                             — Earl Dunn

“She was super nice and always soft spoken.”  — Niveen Shunnarah

“We worked together for 11 years. She always looked after me like a guardian angel.” — Betty Fuelling

“It was a pleasure to work with Judy. She was kind, generous and the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met.”  — Andrea Ritter

“Judy was a pleasure to work with. She always made my mornings, with her smile.” — Marianne Grubb

“Judy loved nothing more than Trinity, and her grandkids both were No. 1 in her heart.”  — Susan Woods

“She was a dear friend and very thoughtful. She always cared for others and was always brave.”  — Ella Russo

“The time I worked with Judy was a blessing. She had the softest heart. She always gave me hug, every morning, but her smile is what I will miss the most.”  — Randy Jackson

“She always had a kind word to say and could find the positive in every situation.”  — Larry Sharp

“Judy loved working at Trinity and talking to the staff. You could also tell they loved her, too, because they always asked about her after she got sick.”  — Debbie Jaha

“Judy always perked up when she talked about her family –Trinity or blood family. She genuinely cared for everyone.”                                                                                                                            — Mark DeBonis

“Judy always made it a point to ask how I was doing and what was going on in my life, because she cared.  To sum it up, we all loved Judy, and she loved all of Trinity! May she rest in peace, and God comfort her soul.”         — Gayle Singleton