No New Body, But iPhone 7 Sports Some Positive Changes

Justin DePrado, Staff Reporter

Cellphones have been around for 40 years now — from the Nokia to the Blackberry to the iPhone. Apple came out with their flagship iPhone this past October with great success in the market.

The iPhone 7 was supposed to have a new body and new features on the body, but this did not end up happening.  The iPhone does have many new features, including a new camera and waterproofing, but the body has not changed much since the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 7 came out with a camera that was supposed to be amazing. The camera is good, but not as good as Apple makes it sound. The phone has only a 12 MP camera, which is good, but these days Apple could have upped that number to at least 16 MP. The camera does a good job in low-light areas and in areas with bright colors. It also adjusts well to surroundings.  img_6369photo by Justin DePrado

The headphone jack no longer exists on the iPhone, something that has gotten a lot of backlash. People like to carry around inexpensive earphones, unlike the Bluetooth earphones Apple wants to sell you.

People like to plug their phone in a car to listen to music, but this is actually not a big deal when it comes down to it. The fact there is no headphone jack is an inconvenience, but this inconvenience has helped make the phone you see today. That small space actually allowed more options to be crammed into the phone, and it helped with the waterproofing.

Apple claims that the battery is better and can last about an hour longer than the previous iPhone. The Apple website claims that the iPhone 7 should last about 14 hours without charging, but it’s more like 12 hours. It’s not that the battery is bad — some phones can barely last four hours — but today people expect to get what they’re told.

The home “button,” which is not really a button, is one new feature on the iPhone 7. It feels strange at first but is an easy adjustment with a little time. Apple created the new “button” to allow for better waterproofing. Waterproofing has made this iPhone worth its hefty price ($650) for many people.

Jet black and matte black are Apple’s new colors. They have a nice look, but the Jet black scratches easily.

The screen does not seem to have improved much since the 6s, but the speakers on the iPhone 7 have finally gotten to a high standard. The stereo speakers give off a great sound, much better than last year’s iPhone.

The iPhone turns 10 next year, and many are expecting the phone to get a new body.  Until then, the iPhone 7 is going to please many with its improved camera and waterproofing.