Robotics Club Competes in ROBO Rumble

ECHO Staff

From Robotics Club moderator Mrs. Mary Mason:

“Congratulations to Trinity’s Robotics Club for competing in their first-ever VEX Robotics Competition! Last weekend they attended the Governor’s ROBO Rumble Tournament at Martha Layne Collins High School in Shelbyville.  They participated in six events where they were paired with another team and competed against two other teams in the VEX StarStruck Competition – trying to get stars and cubes to the other side of the fence.  Seventy-one teams were registered in the tournament, and at one point your Shamrock team was ranked No. 15.

“Although they did not make it into the top Eight Bracket Final Round at the end, they were fierce competitors and made continuous adjustments in between rounds to make their robot better.

“Congratulations go to senior Will Powers, the team programmer,  to junior Jacob Wheeler, robot builder,  and to freshman Cameron Ernst, robot builder and driver.”