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Ping Pong Continues to Make Connections

Senior Mitchell Ose perfects his game during a Ping Pong Club session.

Senior Mitchell Ose perfects his game during a Ping Pong Club session.

photo by James Michnya

photo by James Michnya

Senior Mitchell Ose perfects his game during a Ping Pong Club session.

James Michnya, Staff Reporter

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Imagine hitting a small ball that weighs nearly three grams at tremendous speed. Imagine trying to return that hit ball. Ping Pong requires coordination and quickness.

Trinity junior Sammy Boyance-Stampley initially wasn’t sure if he would like the Ping Pong Club, but he found he enjoys both the physical and mental aspects of the game. Boyance-Stampley said, “It’s something good to take your mind off the trials and tribulations of school in the evening.”

With its relaxing and welcoming environment, Boyance-Stampley also enjoys the social aspect of the club, moderated by Mr. Joseph Chittissery Mathai — known as Mr. CM.

Sophomore William Abel, who joined as a freshman, agrees with Boyance-Stampley’s view of the club. He said, “I like the environment of it and the people in the club.”

Mr. CM, a physics teacher and a moderator for a handful of clubs, took over Ping Pong in 2008. At first Mr. CM was not that familiar with the game.  He said, “At the beginning, I wasn’t very good at Ping Pong, but as time went on, I got better at it.”

The club usually draws between 15 and 30 students at the every-other-Thursday meetings, which consist of playing matches in the Communication Arts Center convocation hall.  At times, tournaments are held. Some previous winners include junior David Gregory, Abel, and junior Brennan Dahlgren.

Mr. CM says he has a passion for all the clubs he moderates.  In addition to Ping Pong, he moderates the Electronics Club, ACE Mentoring, Tim’s Flying Club, and the Cricket Club.

Mr. CM finds the clubs a good method of connecting with students. He said, “After a while of staying after every day, I got used to it. It never started to feel like a chore, as some would think.”


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Ping Pong Continues to Make Connections