‘Minecraft’ — a Game for Everyone

Eli Noltemeyer, Staff Reporter

This game was one of the fastest growing ever played — without advertisement. The game became popular completely by word of mouth. Thousands were playing the game before it was even in BETA. Microsoft paid $2.5 billion dollars to become the owners of this game. It is also one of the most ridiculed games out there. This game is “Minecraft.”  

There is so much more you can do with ‘Minecraft’ when you give the game more than just a glance.

Why was “Minecraft” ridiculed? People constantly referred to “Minecraft” as just a “block game.” The game looks very basic looking and the graphics are not lifelike, but “Minecraft” would not be “Minecraft” if the graphics were not simple. The simple textures help reduce lag. There is so much more you can do with “Minecraft” when you give the game more than just a glance.

What makes this game so good? One of the most appealing aspects in “Minecraft” is an open-source gameplay. Open source basically means “free roam.” Even though “Minecraft” does have a story to follow, you can do just about anything in your own little world.

The story is also a very important part of the game. There are many ways to reach the end, but it requires you to work towards it. “Minecraft” cannot be completed in just a measly five minutes. People can also create and own servers that give you another story to follow or a goal to accomplish.

The online multiplayer capability enhances the game drastically. Yes, you can play on your own, but you can also go to servers and have a great time interacting with others. The servers are owned by other players, so if you are interested in something and you want it to be a server, chances are it already is.

Now, if it is an open-source game, that means the controls must be outrageously complicated, right? No, not at all! There are very few controls regularly needed. The controls are simple, but they are also capable of being changed to whatever suits you.

A very big selling point as to why you should get “Minecraft” is the owners and developers of the game. Mojang used to have the rights to “Minecraft” because they created and kept up with the game. But Microsoft bought “Minecraft” from Mojang on November 6, 2014, for $2.5 billion dollars. Microsoft is an extremely reliable company that is sure to keep regular updates, advance the game on every platform, be there for their customers, and overall improve the game experience.

So what is wrong with this game? Something must be wrong. The main audience of “Minecraft” tends to be preteens, which can annoy some of the older audience; however, there are ways around that if you choose not to interact with people of a certain age. Anyone can own a server, and you also have the ability to turn chat off so you can use multiplayer while paying attention to no one but yourself.

“Minecraft” may very well be the most simple yet the most intricate game all at once, depending on your viewpoint. It has its ups and downs, but the good undoubtedly outweighs the bad. It is a game truly for everyone.