Freshmen See Christie Thriller at Derby Dinner Playhouse

ECHO Staff

photo courtesy of Ms. Betsy Darby
Ms. Betsy Darby’s and Ms. Karen Flipper’s freshman English classes saw Agatha Christie’s “A Murder is Announced” at Derby Dinner Playhouse.

Trinity teachers Ms. Betsy Darby and Ms. Karen Flipper took their freshman English classes to Derby Dinner Playhouse to see “A Murder is Announced” by Agatha Christie. The field trip was part of a larger reading unit on detective fiction.

Darby said, “Detective fiction is high interest for all students. It keeps them engaged and continually turning the pages because they have to know who did it.”

Darby described the trip as “one of the many highlights from the semester.”

According to Darby, during the production students had the opportunity to play detective alongside Christie’s infamous fictional detective, Miss Marple. She said, “They had to solve not just one murder, but two.”

During the intermission, Darby asked many of the freshmen if they believed they had determined the killer. She said, “Many students pointed the finger at Mitzi.”

Darby said they all “got quite a surprise when the murderer was announced and apprehended by Miss Marple and Inspector Craddock.”

Following the show, the group ate at Bearno’s by the Bridge and  traveled to the Big Four Bridge. “The weather was perfect,” Darby said. “Many students expressed what a fantastic day they had.”