‘How I Met Your Mother’ One of the Best Shows Ever

Adam Weining, Staff Reporter

One of the biggest cities in the world with four hilarious New Yorkers — Barney, Ted, Robin, and Lily — and a focus on their adventures throughout the city. The tasks this group takes head on lead to Ted finally meeting his kids’ mother.

“How I Met Your Mother,” one of the best TV shows I have ever seen, caters to an adult audience that enjoys comedy and adventures. On from 2005-2014, the show has a lot of wit and humor, but when it needs to be serious, it is. Sometimes the jokes make me cringe when they go too far. But for the most part, the show does not take the jokes too far.  

They always seem to get the audience to smile every episode, which is why the show has had such a high approval rating.

Neil Patrick Harris plays Barney Stinson on the show. Barney acts like a little kid, but his wit and humor separate his character from the rest. Every time Barney speaks, he tells a joke.

Barney always has his friends’ backs and cares for them deeply. He loves to brag about how many women he dates. He loves to make people laugh and wants what is best for his friends. The only downside with Barney is when tells a nasty joke that can offend the audience.

Josh Radnor plays Ted Mosby on the show. “How I Met Your Mother” revolves around Ted. Ted tells all the adventures he has had to his kids in the year 2030, leading up to when he meets their mom. Ted is an outgoing person doing whatever he thinks is the right thing.

At times, he can be annoying. The show will sometimes repeat the same storyline where Ted thinks he is going to get married to a beautiful girl, but the girl breaks his heart and he is upset for the next couple of weeks. But Ted makes this show great by giving advice to others and being there for his friends.

The costumes are perfect for the show. They nailed Barney’s costume the best out of all the characters. Barney loves suits, so he walks around in a suit in every episode. Marshall dresses in a suit since he is a lawyer. Lily dresses as a casual kindergartner teacher. Robin is a news reporter in the proper attire. Ted usually dresses casual most of the time since he is an architect.

The writing is fantastic the majority of the time. It makes the audience feel like they are in New York with the characters. It has so much humor, it makes me fall on the floor laughing. They always seem to get the audience to smile every episode, which is why the show has had such a high approval rating.