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Giving Classrooms a Homey Feel

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Giving Classrooms a Homey Feel

photo by Carter Martin

photo by Carter Martin

photo by Carter Martin

photo by Carter Martin

Carter Martin, Staff Reporter

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Imagine sitting in a classroom that has bare walls and generic lights. You will find nothing of the sort at Trinity. In fact, some classrooms have a very interesting décor. While taking a look at the way three teachers decorated their rooms, all said they wanted to make students feel more comfortable.

If you’re looking to see one example of beautifully designed rooms, see English teacher Ms. Debbie Walling, who decorated her room in a way that “sparks imagination — gives off a good feeling.”

Many students tend to think that when a teacher decorates a classroom, it makes them more active and comfortable. Some of Walling’s inspirations include Halloween and the Renaissance time period.

You will also find flowers, a knight’s shield, a gargoyle and many other interesting items in Walling’s classroom. The Medieval Period seems to be one of her favorites. 

One of Luken’s favorite things is the garden in front of his window. One of the many favorites for students is his Jolly Rancher bowl.”

Why spend time decorating a room?

Walling said one reason is that it makes her feel at home — that being in a bare room with desks and chairs just isn’t a good thing.  She said, “My classroom is like home for the school day.”

The only downside to decorating, Walling said, is the end of the year; she has to take the decorations down and pack them up to take home.

AP world history teacher Mr. Blake Napper decorates his room for much the same reason as Walling — for the students, and because it makes him feel at home.

Napper’s room includes posters of historical events — and you can even find a Doctor Who Police/Teleportation Box.

Napper has a poster that reads “WE CAN DO IT”  — signed by all the kids who pass his class with an A.

The poster that catches everyone’s eyes is a giant Led Zeppelin poster.  Napper said the reason it’s in his classroom is he “had nowhere else to put it.”

A third stop was at Mr. Chris Luken’s office.  As soon as you walk in his office, it is hard to miss his bobble head collection that consists of Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus Christ, and Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory.”  If you scan his office, you will see an endless number of pictures.

One of Luken’s favorite things is the garden in front of his window.  One of the many favorites for students is his Jolly Rancher bowl.

Luken’s office provides an area for students to come in before the bell rings and talk.



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  1. Rob Seng on January 10th, 2018 5:12 pm

    And you didn’t get my room?! Need to add more flair!

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Giving Classrooms a Homey Feel