‘College GameDay’ Makes Football Saturdays Fun

Jacob Hertig, Staff Reporter

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“Good morning. We are live for ‘College GameDay.'”

These are the words that make college football fans salivate. It’s something that gets fall Saturday mornings going the right way — and has been heard each of the past two seasons coming from Louisville. 

This is something really fun to watch because the crowd always goes absolutely crazy when they see the guest.”

The crew for ESPN’s “College GameDay” discusses many things in the world of college football, including special stories about players and fans. The special stories about fans are sometimes the most touching. One story told how fans wave to patients in an Iowa hospital every game at halftime.

The music during the show is normally extremely well done, using popular hits. The crowd that shows up for the show’s taping typically dances to the music.

The show always brings in a guest to pick who will win the big game of the day, and it is normally a celebrity or someone who is important to the home team’s university. This is something really fun to watch because the crowd always goes absolutely crazy when they see the guest.

I would recommend anyone who has not seen College GameDay to turn on the show one Saturday at 9 a.m. on ESPN. Another option would be watching out to see where College GameDay will appear. They choose where they are going about one week in advance, looking for the best game.

Stay tuned for announcements via ESPN or their Instagram or Twitter pages. If you plan to go to College GameDay and plan to get the full fan experience, prepare to do the following: get up extremely early, around 6 a.m. This will ensure that you get a great spot for the show.

The stellar announcers for College GameDay are Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler, David Pollack, Rece Davis and Desmond Howard. They provide topnotch content, delivering the best college football news and analysis.

You will never miss this show due to weather — it goes on rain, snow or sunshine.