Students School Faculty 38-28

Basketball Game Part of Catholic Schools Week


photo by Matt Gadd

Students 38 — Faculty 28 !!

ECHO Staff

The Trinity students taught the Faculty a thing or two about basketball this morning, sending their elders back to the classrooms with a 38-28 defeat!

Pre-game details were provided by Mr. Adam Klein, Director of Activities and House System: 

  • Two 10-minute halves with a running clock, except in the last minute of both halves.
  • One thirty-second timeout per team, per half
  • Mr. Mike Chancellor and Mr. Joe Bryant will run the clock and keeps the stats.
  • Mr. Steve Tompkins will serve as the announcer.
  • Mr. Gary Owens and senior Ian Barry will referee the game.
  • Dallas Jenkins will DJ the game.
  • T-shirt toss during timeouts and during halftime

Faculty Team:

  1. Jimmy Backes
  2. Seth Blakeslee
  3. Brian Bowles
  4. Jason Daniel
  5. Dale Helfrich
  6. Josh Kusch
  7. Devian Logan
  8. Bret Saxton
  9. Rob Seng
  10. Trevor Timmerberg

Student Team:

Coach: Bryce Lowe


  1. Chris Bowling
  2. Michael Patterson
  3. Armand Wilson


  1. William Epperson
  2. Eric Gallehr-Miracle
  3. Jaelin Love


  1. Scott Cuttsinger
  2. Christopher Kolibab
  3. Brett Pfaadt


  1. Will Joy
  2. Corey Shuttleworth
  3. Nick Strothman