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Technology in the Classroom One More Way to Prepare Students

Real-World Applications Keep Students Current

Robert Lewis, Staff Reporter

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Imagine a world without technology, without the Internet.

Today’s students can’t begin to understand a world like that.

But what about teachers?

“I was hesitant about computers at first, but now that I know how to use them, I am okay with it,” Trinity teacher Ms. Debbie Walling said.

She said she grew up in a time when students got their homework and studies done straight out of a textbook. They did not have  iPhones and other complex technology used today.

                                             photo by Robert Lewis
Trinity teacher Ms. Debbie Walling

Walling grew up with classes that used film strips and some classes that taught via television, though she was not a big fan of those courses.

She said, “I did not like that because the class was huge, and if you didn’t understand something, there was no way for you to ask questions.”

Walling said of textbooks and technology having an impact on the lives of students, “There is room for both.”

                                              photo by Robert Lewis
Trinity teacher Mr. John Youngblood

World languages teacher Mr. John Youngblood said using technology for teaching is a good idea as long as students are directed to use it in the right way.  He said technology can be a big help in learning a language: “I used technology when I wanted to learn a language, although there was not as much technology out at that point.”

Youngblood tries to incorporate as much technology in his classroom as possible — whether it’s using a SMART board, watching a video or using the language-learning platform Duolingo.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          photo by Robert Lewis
Technology use is a way of life for students in and out of the classroom.

Sophomore Patrick Owens thinks that technology is a big part of the learning process. He said, “When we can use technology in class, it makes more tools available to us.”

While Owens said that  technology is helpful, he believes it can be improved by making the Wi-Fi stronger at times to accommodate the large population.

In looking to the future, Owens appreciates how, through its emphasis on technology, Trinity is preparing students for the real world. He said, “As we get older, technology will (continue to) improve. Using technology now will help (us) with that.”

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Technology in the Classroom One More Way to Prepare Students