Classmates Remember Shamrock Brother Davey Albright

ECHO Staff

Students currently in Trinity English teacher Mr. Jason Daniel’s classes shared memories

of sophomore Davey Albright, who passed away Sept. 7

Davey was by far the nicest person I have ever known. He would never do anything that could remotely hurt anyone’s feelings and was always there to talk you up. In communication skills, we would give critiques on each other’s speeches and Davey would always give his opinion. Even though we were pointing out what was wrong with each others’ speeches, Davey somehow managed to make it sound like a compliment. He was always trying to make everyone happier and was always spreading his joy.

Sophomore Davey Albright — Trinity Brother Forever

When I first met Davey, we were seeing what our schedules were like. We found out that we had the exact same schedule except for our electives. At that point, I knew that I would see him a lot that year, and we’d become great friends. Davey was probably the first friend I made at Trinity. He was very smart, hilarious, and always seemed so happy. I wish I had more time to spend with him. Every day in first block, he had a fact of the day that was always so bizarre but funny. He will be missed and I’ll never forget him.     — Jacob Conrad     

Davey was a great friend and was always nice to everyone he met. He always seemed like the guy who’d stand up for you if you needed it. I’d come to school every day, looking forward to what new fact or meme he’d share with all of us. He was an amazing person, and he will be dearly missed by each and everyone of us. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. May he rest in peace.

Davey was a great kid. He was kind, sweet, and really funny. He always found a way to make me laugh. He helped me quit a bad habit too. Every now and then, I’d ask him a question about homework. He’d always respond with a helpful answer. I will really miss him. I’d always wanted to hang with him more but never did and that was my fault. His jokes were the best. He almost always had a smile on his face. He found a way to cheer people up in the darkest of times. He will always be my brother and I will miss him.    — Nathaniel Isaacs

Davey and I had PE class together during the first semester of freshman year. We would often go out on the football field for various reasons that semester. Whenever we would play on the field, Davey and I would hang out in the corner and talk. Our conversations would range from African capitals to imaginary numbers. We really enjoyed these talks because we were both trivia nerds. The clue that stands out to me the most to this day is “What country has three capitals?” Of course, the answer was South Africa. 🙂 — Dylan Ernst

Davey always seemed to be happy. Whenever something was happening in class, he was always able to find something funny about it. Davey was always able to make everyone’s day brighter in one way or another. I think I’ll remember Davey as a funny kid with a lot of potential to do something great with his life that was taken too soon.

Davey Albright was a good friend and a fantastic Trinity brother. His good humor and engaging attitude always brightened your day. Whether it was his random facts or hilarious jokes, you were never in a bad mood when Davey was around. I think about him every day and how his absence affects my life. I know that he is up there, and I hope to see his face when my time comes. Rest easy, Davey.   –Thaddeus Lipinski

Davey was always so kind, and I never saw him in a bad mood. Whenever we had a class discussion, he would always want to be the first one to talk. I remember the first day of school in theology class, I sat next to him. He was the first person to talk to me in that class (where) I didn’t know anybody. He made me feel more comfortable at Trinity. He was super smart and I remember him in the drum line every Trinity football game. His life on earth brought nothing but kindness, and I am really going to miss him. My thoughts go to Davey’s brother and mom as they try to get through this difficult time.   –John Mackey

I wish that he could’ve had more time. Being a sophomore in high school is too soon. Davey had a bright future in front of him. I firmly believe that he was going to do great things in this world. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Albright family, especially Mrs. Albright. Losing her husband, and now this. I can’t even imagine how much hurt she is in. I had many classes with Davey and shared many good times with him. He will be missed by everyone in this Trinity community.   –Evan Elder

The name itself has and always will bring a smile to my face; that’s just the kind of person Davey was. Davey was a reserved person most of the time, but every once in a while he came out of his shell. Those moments are my fondest memories of him. Whether it was a mocking basketball celebration in Mr. Bowles’ class or putting on pink sunglasses and posing in Ms. Walling’s, Davey always was fun to be around. I don’t think there will ever be a time in my life where I remember him differently. I’ll miss Davey, but I, nor anyone, can change what happened. I think he would want all of us to remember him, but move forward in life as well.

Rest easy, Davey,

–Will Horan

I cannot say I knew Davey well, as we only shared one class and rarely crossed paths. Our one class was Spanish, and I remember every time we did a Quizlet-live match, his team would always win. That’s where I first remembered his name in all caps, ALBRIGHT at the top of the board. So many great things about him.

 Davey was such a nice kid. He was always full of joy. I remember during freshman year in my theology class, he would show me some of the funniest memes or he would always be on Reddit. I just remember talking about memes with him. He’ll be missed dearly.

Davey was the happiest person in the whole school. He always had a huge smile on his face and uplifted those around him. When I walked into class, he was always one of the first people to greet me. He always made my day brighter, and he changed the way I looked upon life. Davey was a truly special person that I am lucky to have known. My favorite memory of Davey was during freshman year during review basketball in Mr. Kusch’s class; his team was down by a few points. He rallied his team and hit the game-winning shot after correctly answering all questions that were thrown his way. His future was bright and he had huge aspirations. Davey will be missed dearly.

— Nathan Van Sickle

I didn’t really get a chance to get to know Davey too well. He wasn’t in any of my classes freshman year, and he was only in a few classes this year. In those few classes, however, I learned what an amazing person Davey was. He always participated, he was funny, and he was always kind to those around him, no matter who they are. It really saddened me when I heard the news. I almost cried, and I could tell those around me felt the same way; however, I know now that he is in heaven with God, so that makes me happier.

I never met Davey while he was at Trinity. Although, I know for a fact that he made people laugh and smile. Davey seemed like a good and I wish the best for his friends and family.

The first time I met Davey was the first day of school in Spanish class. He was wearing bright orange pants, a pink shirt and purple tie. I knew I loved him from that moment on. I did multiple group projects with him, and he was always laughing and joking. I loved Davey and I will miss him more than I can imagine. I know that his story has and will touch many people. Brothers for life.

— Vince Wolfram

Davey was never in a bad mood and his attitude towards life was the epitome of the great character that is constantly preached at Trinity. He was always lifting someone up, helping someone who dropped their books, assisting someone struggling with a subject or just cracking jokes. He was just an all-around good person, something that is hard to find sometimes these days.

Davey was a great kid that I never had a bad memory with through grade school and high school. All of his little jokes will be missed, and it will be hard to forget what his presence was like in every class I had with him. It hurts me to realize I won’t be able to laugh at another one of his jokes or little goofs again.

— Jack Ayre

Davey Albright, you genuinely put a smile of my face every time we talked. I could be having the worst day and with a couple words from you, I would be put back in a great mood. I’m going to miss you so much, Davey.

— Samuel Cave

Everything he ever did was done with joy, and he always had a smile on his face. Everyone knew and loved being around him, with his positive words and support.

Davey was a great guy. Never was mean to anyone and always made me laugh by showing me funny videos or pictures. Always saw him in the halls and in my classes and never thought this would happen to him. Prayers go out to him, his family, and his friends. He will live on forever in our hearts.

Davey was a really nice kid. I didn’t interact with him outside of school, but in school he would always try to show these ridiculous Reddit memes. He really was a smart kid. I hate to think of all the times he missed out on. There is just so much he didn’t get to do. No one deserves something like this.

Davey always made people laugh with the things he shared and did. In biology and health I remember he would share random facts, theories and articles he had seen in the past. I remember when he told the story of the man who only ate for an extended period of time.

Davey was great brother, student and friend. His facts of the day were great. I was blessed to even know him. I can not write enough to describe his impact here at Trinity High School.

I had so many classes with Davey last year, and he was always the kind of guy you wanted to be around. His facts of the day is something he used to do in class to start everyone off with a smile. His positive attitude helped make everyone happier, no matter what  mood we were in. I was lucky enough to spend a whole year with Davey, and we developed a great friendship. I have prayed multiple times a day every day since the accident. Everyone here at school and my family at home are sending Davey’s family our thoughts and prayers.

One of my fondest memories with Davey was in world history. We were assigned groups, and Davey, being the kind kid and the leader that he was, immediately took charge as the chief of the tribe; without question he took the dirtiest of jobs none of us wanted to do. I wish I had known what was going to happen to Davey, because even though I wasn’t his closest friend, I still knew him well. I wish I could’ve had the chance to say goodbye.

Nathan Waggener

Davey was a great, funny and caring person. He was always able to make me laugh with his many jokes. No matter how he was feeling, there was always a smile on his face. He would always try to cheer people up. I remember talking about his computer; we would joke around and pretend like he never finished it. This is just one of the many memories that I have with Davey. I will forever remember him as a great classmate, a very kind, loving person, someone who could always put a smile on my face, and most of all a great friend. I will honor Davey with everything I do in life.

Great guy. Always walked around with a smile; never really a dull moment. Genuine. A different sense of humor that made everyone laugh. So smart and talented. Would’ve gone and done great things. Always in his own zone; never really let anyone faze him. Always loved seeing him in advising and class. Helped make the classroom more interesting and survivable. Loved him and will be missed for sure. I’ll never forget him.

Davey was one of my brightest students. I remember him asking a lot of questions — about what I had read, what I’d done, or what I’d listened to. He had a thirst for knowledge that all teachers try to instill in their students. Davey already had that. I am honored that I got to know him and spend time with him — and although I wish there had been more time, the scarcity of the time made those memories that much richer.

Many good memories about Davey. He was always there to tell jokes and to make you laugh. He could always find a way to cheer you up if you were down. He was always fun to talk to and to spend time with. I really enjoyed the time  I was talking and joking with Davey. I will always remember him and never forget what a great person he was.

I had talked to Davey twice last year. Although our conversations were brief, he seemed like a genuine, nice person. I am sorry for his family’s loss because no one should have to lose a family member like that. I am especially sorry for his brother and mother; I hope they know that he is in a better place and that he is loved and remembered by all his brothers at Trinity.

I  didn’t know Davey personally, but I knew that he was very kind and intelligent. Every time I saw him, he was smiling and in a good mood, too. He would always have an interesting fact every day that I always loved to hear. In our first speech in communication skills, we had to talk about three objects that defines us, and all of his were related to music. I know he loved to play the drums, and he always talked about plays that he was in or wanted to be in or see. He was the best C.O.O. anybody could have in AP world history, and he brought our economy up really high (thanks, Davey!) His ability to make people smile is unrivaled, and he will be forever missed. I, along with everyone else, will never forget him.

When I first met Davey, he was shy but really nice. After a few classes with him, we began to become friends. He would always tell funny stories and would always have a positive attitude even when things were overwhelming. He lightened up my day many times when I was feeling bad; he helped many others with his hilarious thoughts. He had a great personality and helped many through tough times. I will never forget Davey because he was a friend and a brother to a lot of us, including me. I think he truly cared about his classmates and how they could improve as brothers and as people.    — Logan Baker

I didn’t know Davey that well, but by being in classes with him, I had learned a lot about him. Davey was a great guy who would always do his best to make the people around him be happy. No one deserves more thanks than Davey, in my opinion, because he would always turn a bad day into a good one. Even if he was having a troubled day, he would make others light up with joy. I feel like if Davey’s life and passing had one phrase, it would be “No regrets.” The best people are the ones who continue to be kind and caring. Rest easy, Davey.

I only had two classes with Davey my freshman year. He was in my English and PE class. I remember I always thought he was a genius. He and I were both in advanced. I remember him always laughing and telling others the stories he read on his phone. Davey always was trying to make other people happy and laugh. Whenever I think of Davey, I think of him smiling–he was such a positive person.   — Daniel Bradford

I didn’t really know Davey too well. I had a few classes with him last year and one this year. I sat behind him in Budniak’s second semester last year, and we talked a little. I was in PE with him, too, and we both were not super good in those athletic areas, so we laughed and talked a lot about that. He was always funny, and I could tell we had a similar sense of humor. I can’t even imagine what his family must be going through right now. It’s hard to imagine him not at school; it must be infinitely harder for his family. I like to think he’s up there with his dad, so at least he has company. It’s just extremely tragic. When you’re 15, you feel invincible, like you have a whole life ahead of you to screw up, learn, achieve and find love, but I guess God has His own plan, which may seem tragic or unnecessary at times. I just hope his family can heal from his loss — and that he’s in a better place with his dad up there.

Davey was a great person. He was very smart and clever. I remember working on many biology projects with him because he was my lab partner. He always came to class prepared to collaborate with me to get the best grade possible. I hope that Davey’s family finds peace in that Davey is in Heaven now.  — Ryan O’Dea

I remember what a good kid Davey was. Freshman year, I was in some classes with him, and he was always smart, funny and kind. I always thought it was cool how he had all these memes that he would show us. He will never be forgotten, and he will forever be missed.

I never knew Davey super well.  We were both Steinhauser (Scholars) so I usually saw him a fair amount. I’m sure that we worked on projects together at some point. I actually recently learned that he was going to be playing quick recall for Trinity with me. I’m sure I would have gotten to know him even better through that. I hope that his soul finds rest.

Davey was very intelligent. He was a person who was comfortable being himself, and was always someone you could count on if you needed help. He was funny but never tried to be too funny. I know that he was very interested in learning, and that he was one of the smartest kids on our class. He was usually upbeat and happy, and he was a great presence to have in any classroom — and in anyone’s life.   — Josh Domzalski

My favorite memory of Davey was during the AP world history COO election. He went up and gave a hilarious speech and won. He was very good at his job as COO, but he was also a very good friend to everyone.  He always had jokes and could cheer you up when you needed it. He is one of those people that you couldn’t dislike. He had a funny personality and a great heart . We will miss him always.

I met Davey early on freshman year of high school. He was in my advising and in the advanced program with me. We got to know each other from our classes and shared jokes. Further in the year, we began to eat lunch together, and we became friends. Davey will be missed, and I hope he is with God. I will miss you, Davey.

I’ve known Davey since first grade at St. Margret Mary. Even at a young age, he was the smartest kid. He was always the person who would know anything you asked him. Davey was a great kid, always smiling and joking around. If you needed a quick laugh, you could ask him to tell you one of his jokes, and you were bound to laugh. Davey will definitely be missed.   — Owen Francia

I didn’t know Davey all that well, but I did know a few things about him. I knew he was very intelligent and that showed in classroom discussions. He always had a great attitude and a very uplifting personality. He was someone that everyone got along with because it was hard not to. He had a great sense of humor and always had the funniest jokes. I sat near him in Spanish and talked to him sometimes. It was always good conversations. It is disheartening to think now it will just be an empty desk, where my classmate used to sit.   — Cameron Hood

When I first met Davey, he was a quiet kid. We had many classes together as freshmen. We sat by each other in almost every class, too, because of how close are last names were on the alphabet.  Within a few weeks, we began to start talking and joking. He was a very funny person. Sometimes class would get quiet, and he would whisper something to me.  I would start trying to control my laughter to stay out of trouble.  He was also very studious.  He always had his homework in on time, which was a struggle for me, and always did good on the tests and quizzes.  He became a Brother for Life very quickly into my freshman year, and I will never forget that. I will never forget Davey Albright — my classmate, my friend, my brother.                    — Ryan Carson

My first year here, I was Davey’s classmate for most of my classes. In human geography, I even sat in front of him. He was a great guy all around, always happy and telling jokes. He was pretty generous, too, donating $100 during Dare to Care.  I know for sure he’s gone to a better place now, and although I wish he wasn’t gone, I’m glad I met him.

I hope that Davey was happy with his short life, and I hope his mother and brother can get through the rough time. Davey was always a happy guy that would tell jokes all the time, and a great student. He is someone that if you met only once, you would remember him for a long time. Davey will remain in my thoughts and prayers.  He will always be remembered, not just by me, but by all the students in his grade. He has really showed me how fragile life is, making me think before I act. Davey has inspired me to be a better person, even after his death. Davey will be dearly missed because he was a big part of everyone’s lives.

I never really knew Davey that well personally, but I know he was a great guy. I’ll never forget second semester AP human geography, right before the end of the school year. Two of my close friends and I were assigned to be in a study group for the AP exam, along with Davey. As this was one of our few classes together, this was the first time I really got to interact with Davey.  I remember always thinking he seemed like a nice guy, but this was confirmed after spending time talking to him. Considering that I was with two lifelong friends, we got sidetracked after about 20 minutes of studying on the first day of about a three-week process; however, it was Davey who got us back on track. Davey was very intelligent; it seemed as if he got every single question right on every single practice test we did. After studying along with him for a few weeks, I felt like I was as prepared for that exam as I’d ever be. I never found out how Davey did on that exam, but I passed. I’m almost certain he did, too. His personality and intelligence were two great qualities, and I know  if given the opportunity he would’ve done great things in life.

I wish the best for Dave and his family.  I can’t imagine what they are going through. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things in life, if not the hardest. If that loved one is Davey, or someone else as smart and kind as he was, it definitely does not make it easier. Davey didn’t deserve what happened to him. It was a tragic accident that could’ve happened to anyone. I felt terrible the night of Davey’s accident.  Every night after that day, I prayed for Davey to recover.  I had expected to see him in a couple of weeks at school. I have never been more taken aback than when I heard he wasn’t coming back. I didn’t know Dave all that well, but all the memories I had with him were fond ones. I remember all the PE classes we would end up on the same team, and everyone on the team would be excited Davey was on the team with us.

After spending freshman year and the start of sophomore year, I became friends with Davey. We had many classes together, and that is how I began to know him. I still remember just how smart he was; he would ask questions in biology class that I think he and Mr. Budniak were the only ones who knew what they were talking about. Also, another good memory I had of Davey would be when he was in my Spanish class this year. This class was first period, so naturally everyone was still really tired.  All the time I remember looking over and seeing him start to fall asleep and would wake up. This is how he earned the nickname of “Sleeping Beauty” from Mr. Mata.

Davey was a really great fellow. He shared my likes and sense of humor. He understood my perspectives even if he didn’t agree with them. He would always try to understand what people were going through to help them. We also did drum line together. He knew way more about drums than I did, but we would talk anyways. We had to share the same drum, as we were the last ones there most of the time.  Yet, I can’t think of there ever being a dull moment with him.

Davey was one of the most kind and funny people I have ever met. No matter if he was having a good or bad day, he could always make people laugh and never showed he was having a tough time. He treated everyone the same, with kindness, and the jokes and memes that he made always brightened my day. I will forever remember Davey and miss him. I will never forget the impact he had on me and many others through our time together at Trinity; he is a brother for life.