The Grass is Greener on Norman’s Side of the Fence

Aidan Koch, Staff Reporter

                         file photo
Trinity junior Parker Norman has run his own landscaping business since middle school.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence — especially when Trinity junior Parker Norman is doing the landscaping.

Trinity students hold many types of jobs.  Some work in bakeries while others work on golf courses. Norman, however, owns his own business.

There are many landscaping businesses in Louisville, Goodman’s Lawn and Landscape and Gator Lawn Care two examples of these.

Norman prefers to be his own boss, and he has some employees who work for him.

“Parker is very responsible,” junior James Moore, a friend, said.

Landscaping is hard work that requires perseverance.  When he was younger, Norman had a little toy lawn mower that he played with. This is actually what inspired him to do landscaping. He loved pushing the toy mower around, and now he pushes a bigger version of it around for money.

Not a lot of kids his age are making as much money as he is. I would definitely have him landscape for me.

— Trinity sophomore James Moore speaking of junior Parker Norman

Norman started off his business when he was in the seventh grade. His neighbor across the street asked him to mow their lawn. Norman agreed and did it so well that his reputation spread throughout the neighborhood.

Later on, another of Norman’s neighbors caught word that he mowed lawns. They asked Norman if he could mow their lawn, and he agreed. That was how the business began.

Norman advertises via word of mouth, for the most part. He has other advertising methods as well, among them flyers and business cards. He also has an Instagram account for his business.

When Norman started his business, he didn’t have a consistent method of travel. Because of this, the area he worked in was limited to his and nearby neighborhoods.

Now that Norman is old enough to drive, his work area has expanded. Norman strives to do his best in his job; he doesn’t stop until the job is done completely and perfectly. Norman’s friends recogninze that not everybody is cut out for landscaping.

“It takes a lot of hard work to do his job,” Trinity sophomore Jack Clark said.

Norman has a unique approach to doing the work. He said, “Most people usually put on headphones and like to listen to music. I like to put on headphones and work in silence.”

In addition to classes and homework, Norman is also a member of Trinity’s hockey team.  Norman’s ability to multitask impresses his friends.

“Not a lot of kids his age are making as much money as he is,” James Moore, one of Parker’s friends, said. “I would definitely have him landscape for me.”