Senior Motivated to Achieve Cycling Greatness

Colin Murphy, Staff Reporter

When you are described as a “hard-working, caring, all-around good individual,” you must be doing something right. These qualities are a great recipe for being successful in life.

Trinity senior Will Bobrow takes these characteristics to heart when it comes to school work and on the cycling race track. He wants to do as much as he possibly can in the classroom and on his racing bike.

Bobrow is considered highly talented and a hard worker by his peers and his teachers. His hard work has paid off this season with the highly talented Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team, which is 51st in the country, according to Road Results.

On a cold, rainy day and you don’t want to get outside, you kind of just have to push yourself out the door to get going.”

— Trinity senior Will Bobrow

Dean of Studies Mr. Jeremy Jackson,one of Bobrow’s teachers, said this about Bobrow’s work on the race course — and in the classroom: “I think he has as much success as a person and as a student as he does as a cyclist.”

Of his success, Bobrow said, “I’ve just been working hard. It’s all you really can do. You have to eat right, have good sleep and put in a lot of work when you are about to train.”

Bobrow’s father, who has raced since before Will was born, shares his cyclist knowledge with Will. That competitive edge of knowledge that the competition has not yet acquired is key.

Race days are special for Bobrow. This excitement drives him. He said, “Racing is what everyone looks forward to. You train and you work and do all that stuff. But the end goal is always the race.”

Bobrow’s major goal this year is to make the Junior USA Cycling Team and to compete in the UCI Championships, which will take place in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Sept. 22-29, 2019.

Bobrow, at times, must push himself to train when he does not feel like doing so. He said, “That motivation is the one thing athletes can all struggle with.”

But as a driven individual trying to reach the final goal, Bobrow fights the temptation to stay in bed.  He said, “On a cold, rainy day and you don’t want to get outside, you kind of just have to push yourself out the door to get going.”

The role model Will looks up to is Peter Sagan, a three-time world champion and a seven-time national champion cyclist.

Will said Sagan is his role model because “he is somebody who loves what he does and has a whole lot of fun doing it. And he’s the best in the world, and that’s what I want to be.”


Trinity senior Will Bobrow talks about his cycling career……………… by Colin Murphy