‘Trinity Forever’

Year's Theme Revealed During Opening Mass


photo by Ben DiSanto

Senior Class officers displayed the year's theme poster during the annual Opening Mass.

ECHO Staff

A white shamrock on a green background. Two deceptively powerful words written on the shamrock in green and black letters.

“Trinity Forever” sounds simple at first — before one thinks about the catalyst for such a proclamation.  

To grasp the meaning of “Trinity Forever,” those at the annual Opening Mass needed only to look at the rows of men from the Class of 1970, celebrating 50 years as Trinity graduates.

Putting work away for a couple of hours to celebrate another beginning, Opening Mass offered the Rocks an opportunity to slow the hectic activity of the first two weeks of school, pray together and listen to words of wisdom.

Presider Rev. Dave Zettel spoke of two fundamental guidelines from Matthew 22:39 — love God and “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Before revealing the year’s theme and poster, Senior Class President Will Kempf spoke of displaying kindness, of doing simple things to make others’ lives a bit easier.

Reflecting on his summer readings and experiences, Principal Dr. Dan Zoeller spoke of the healing and regenerative power of nature. He told of the necessity to challenge oneself, to persevere, to improve the world around us.

As the Class of 2020 joined arms and sang the Alma Mater, the meaning of “Trinity Forever” was once again very clear.