‘It Chapter Two’ Not Bad, But Ending Falls Flat

Trevor Smith, Staff Reporter

“It Chapter  Two” was an intriguing movie — until the end.

Trinity sophomore Brady Just summed up the way I felt through most of the film: He said, “The movie was very intriguing to watch.”

Ms. Beth Leister summed up the way I felt about the ending. She said, “I was really disappointed in the ending. There was a lot of buildup for It to be killed by talking down to him and talking bad about him to make him smaller and get smaller.”

The Stephen King novel “It” was a bestseller. “It Chapter Two” was set in September 2016, 27 years after the friends thought they defeated Pennywise in 1989 when they were kids.

Leister said, “The first movie in 1986 scared me to death.”

The casting for this movie was very hard to find because they had to find adults that looked like the kids. Bill Skarsgård Played the role of Pennywise. He has a very interesting way of acting, knowing when and when not to be creepy and cringy.

He does something with his lips that creeps the Loser Club out when they see him. The Loser Club is the name for the friend group. The friend group consists of Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough, Richie  Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Ben Hanscom, Mike Hanlon and Stanley Uris.

Beverly is played by Jessica Chastain (the adult) and Sophia Lillis (the kid); Bill is played by James McAvoy (the adult) and Jaeden Martell (the kid); Richie is played by Bill Hader (the adult) and Finn Wolfhard (the kid); Eddie is played by James Ransone (the adult) and Jack Dylan Grazer (the kid); Ben is played by Jay Ryan (the adult) and Jeremy Ray Taylor (the kid); Mike is played by Isaiah Mustafa (the adult) and Chosen Jacobs (the kid); and Stanley is played by Andy Bean (the adult) and Wyatt Oleff (the kid).

My views on the film connect with some reviewers and not others.

David Nusair, of Reel Film Reviews, was far too tough on the work. He said the movie was “a complete and total train wreck of a motion picture.” The rating he gave this movie was a one out of four.

Nusair was too harsh; only the ending was weak.

Matthew Rozsa, of Salon.com, said, “Overall, ‘It Chapter Two’ is a fitting companion piece to the first film. There are flaws, to be sure, but nothing you wouldn’t expect going in.”

He gave the movie a three and a half out of four. I agree with this statement the most.