Bienvenidos, Amigos!


photo by Kyle Vance

Visitors from Argentina with Trinity Hosts -- Front Row: Andres Lopez, Matias Cicculli, William Gohmann (host), Owen Cronen (host), Tobias Madrea, Ivo Francisco Sione, Kieran Heintz (host), Mr. Jorge Serrano. Back Row: Bain McDaniel (host), Francisco Gonzalez, Joaquin Romero, Robert Durning (host), Colin Loveless (host)

ECHO Staff

The tradition of young men from Argentina and the Rocks learning from each other and sharing cultures continues as six students from Saint Ethnea began attending classes at Trinity Jan. 27. The students will stay for approximately four weeks.

Trinity students will have the opportunity to visit Argentina this summer.  According to Dean of Studies Mrs. Jennifer Browning, “Since we started these exchanges, our participants have gone on to earn nice scholarships and have pursued other international experiences. The relationships built are often lasting.”

Trinity world languages teacher Mr. Jorge Serrano helped coordinate the visit.