Basketball Goes to Faculty 39-29 as Students Dodge Sweep


photo by Simon Fewell

Dodgeball did not go well for the faculty, who defeated the students 39-29 in basketball.

ECHO Staff

The Rocks spent a little time this morning having fun on the Steinhauser Gymnasium court.  The faculty and students each won one of the contests held as part of Catholic Schools Week. The faculty notched a basketball win 39-29, while the students won both rounds of dodgeball, played during halftime of the basketball game. House and Activities Director Mr. Adam Klein coordinated the event.

Mr. Wayne Kraus (announcer), Mr. Gary Owens (ref), Mr. Jeff Becker (ref), Mr. Dale Helfrich (ref), Mr. Barry Swearingen (ref), Mr. Mike Chancellor (scoring/stats) and Mr. Jimmy Backes (scoring/stats) provided support for the event.

The following faculty and students played:

Faculty Basketball Team

  1. Seth Blakeslee
  2. Brian Bowles
  3. Jason Daniel
  4. Josh Kusch
  5. Devian Logan
  6. Ryan McCauley
  7. Tyler Robertson
  8. Bret Saxton
  9. Ben Sobczyk
  10. Trevor Timmerberg
  11. Gary Williams

 Student Basketball Team

  1. Daun’Tre Gerald
  2. Charlie Hogg
  3. Colin Bratcher
  4. Owen Cronen
  5. Isaiah Taylor
  6. Cinthion Brown
  7. Hayden Jones
  8. Morgan Downey
  9. Eric Gallehr-Miracle
  10. Madison Downey – Coach

Faculty Dodgeball Team:

  1. Brian Bowles
  2. Patrick Koopman
  3. Holly McGuire
  4. Ethan Morris
  5. Tyler Robertson
  6. Ben Sobczyk
  7. Trevor Timmerberg
  8. Chad Waggoner

Student Dodgeball Team:

  1. Tanner Barry
  2. Chris Paris
  3. Charlie Pankonin
  4. Heath Pennington
  5. Daylen Lile
  6. Kaelan Racculia
  7. Trent Youngblood
  8. Bryce Dreher