Walking a Spiritual Path


photo by Alex Herman

Students in Mr. Scott Holzknecht’s classes walked the labyrinth Mar. 12 and 13.

ECHO Staff

“Walking a labyrinth is a very old spiritual practice of meditative prayer,” Trinity theology teacher Mr. Scott Holzknecht wrote. “The labyrinth is only a few miles from Trinity and is a replica of one on the floor of a cathedral in France.”

Holzknecht took his classes on one-block field trips to the labyrinth on Mar. 12 and 13.

He described this as “a great Lenten practice of silent prayer.  I found this field trip a good practice for me personally. I have also found that my appreciation and respect for students grows as I watch them take the opportunity seriously and with a willing spirit.  I’ve seen young men tear-up there.  It can be a mysteriously powerful experience.  Beyond the potential for enlightenment, it can also just be a nice walk.”