For this Senior, Laughter is Best Medicine

Jeff Palmquist, Staff Reporter

Trinity senior Jeff Palmquist

“In prehistoric times, mankind often had only two choices in crisis situations: fight or flee. In modern times, humor offers us a third alternative:  fight, flee – or laugh.” — Robert Orben

Sometimes the only thing you have is spirit — an undying spirit.

In the world we are living through — outrageously strange and scary times, a time in which people can’t even fist bump without fear of getting infected, a time where resources become limited and businesses close — we don’t give up hope.

Humans tend to work until the job is done — we work together. Around the world, despite our geographical separation and recommended distancing, we all attempt to not lose one another.  In past years, how could we expect Jerry Rice to catch a touchdown if Montana wasn’t there to throw; how did LeBron throw down that dunk without Dwayne Wade’s pass? They achieved these feats through teamwork.

Today, doctors and nurses around the world are working together to help those who are sick and prevent others from getting infected.

What connects spirit, hope and teamwork? Friends and the ways they make everything better.

Friends make life easier, most importantly because they put smiles on our faces with ease. Right now, smiles help cope with the confusion and overcome obstacles with positivity.

In the end, spirit, hope and teamwork will prevail; smiles will beat sickness; and laughter remains the best medicine.