Reverbs from the ECHO Chamber — a Q & A with Nick Pesce ’20

Andrew Hamill '20, Staff Reporter

Trinity 2020 graduate Nick Pesce                                                                    Signature Studio

Another in a continuing series of Q & A interviews with Trinity spring sports student-athletes.

The baseball Rocks, led by six-year head coach Rick Arnold ’86, included senior leader Nick Pesce. Pesce spoke about his time playing baseball for Trinity.

Q: What were the goals for this season?

A: Our ultimate goal was to win the first state title for the baseball program, and this was definitely the year.

Q: What position did you play, and did you ever switch at any point due to team needs?

A: I am a utility guy and play where needed. I have swapped positions several times due to team needs, because I can play in multiple spots.

Q: What kind of senior leadership did you have? 

A: There are 11 seniors on the team. I think this is an advantage, because we are a very talented class with a lot of experience.

Q: What was the relationship between the seniors?

A: The seniors were very tight-knit, and we had a ton of chemistry. Four years in the Trinity baseball program builds very strong bonds.

The highlights were just seeing all my teammates every day at practices and games.

Q: Did you have many college prospects on the team?

A: Most of our seniors are playing in college, and there are a few juniors and one sophomore who have committed.

Q: Did you play in any scrimmages/games this year, and how did they go?

A: We had a bunch of intra-squad scrimmages before the season, and we had one scrimmage against Henry Clay. These all went pretty well and pointed towards a successful season.

Q: What kind of upperclassmen leadership did you see in previous years?

A: Upperclassmen before me provided a good model of how to work hard and play the game the right way.

Q: You played on a new home field last year, located down the road. What were some advantages to the new field?

A: Our new field is incredible for a number of reasons. We don’t have to spend time, effort and money caring for it like we did Thurman Hutchins. We also had a lot more space to work with, and rainouts happened less frequently because the field is made with turf. Play was just more enjoyable due to the new field. We were able to play more games due to the turf, and the expanded stands allowed bigger crowds to come out and cheer us on.

Q: What were the highlights of your Rocks baseball experience?

A: The highlights were just seeing all my teammates every day at practices and games.