A GreaT Challenge — Year’s Theme Unveiled by Senior Class President


Shamrocks 2020-21 theme poster

ECHO Staff

In the first of three virtual presentations, Trinity Senior Class President Vince Wolfram and fellow class officers unveiled the year’s theme poster and challenged the Rocks community to “Be GreaT At It — For Yourself, For Family, For Our World.” 

Despite not holding the annual Opening Mass, according to Campus Minister Mrs. Mary Emrich, “Campus Ministry and the Senior Class officers still wanted to celebrate this meaningful Trinity tradition to help bring the Trinity FAMILY together during these unusual times.  Together, we produced a series of videos called ‘Trinity Rocks Unite’ to kick off the school year and introduce the theme for the 2020-21 school year.

For their assistance in creating the videos, Emrich thanked the Senior Class officers, Dr. Dan Zoeller, Fr. Dave Zettel, Mr. Adam Klein, Mr. Tyler Harris and Mr. James Torra.