Ensure Brighter Days Ahead by Staying Focused

Shane Limberg, Staff Reporter

Senior Shane Limberg

COVID-19 has been the main news throughout 2020, but are Americans disciplined enough to remove the disease from our lives? Even as cases go up, behavior gets relaxed. At this rate, the virus is going to win this ongoing battle.

As cases spike, too many people still refuse to do the basic things necessary to stop the spread.  Many Americans cannot fully focus on controlling the virus as we impatiently rush into “normal life.”

Focus and action have to come from citizens, as there is only so much government can do. Making laws to regulate behavior will create a political debacle and fail to be effective. People need to step up and do their best to contain the virus.

How long will this pandemic last? Is this what our lives will be like from now on? All of us have heard these questions more times than we can count. The answer to these questions is always “I don’t know.”

Doctors and scientists develop theories, but honestly nobody knows. Across the globe cases are beginning to spike again, and it feels that the only thing that can stop the virus is a vaccine. It is obvious that Americans cannot “flatten the curve.” But we need to do what we can to keep ourselves and those around us safe.

I hate to see people get sick, but when Donald Trump contracted COVID, it should have been eye-opening to everyone. It is evident all states — Republican and Democrat — have surging numbers. Hopefully, we can save lives by recognizing how real this disease is.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, we can all agree that COVID-19 needs to go.

With today’s election, who knows what’s next for America. Let’s just try to make sure 2021 brings brighter days.