And the Beat Goes On for the Shamrocks Drum Line


photo by Aiden McKinley

The Trinity Drum Line puts in rehearsal time earlier this year.

Aiden McKinley, Staff Reporter

You’ve seen — and heard — them at pep rallies, at games, at Open Houses, at local grade schools. Trinity’s Drum Line keeps rockin’ and rollin’!

Sidelined for a while by COVID, the 16th year for the Drum Line includes a new moderator, Mr. Walter Mata, who replaces the retired Ms. Maria Martin.  Mr. John Harris also worked with the group for years.

Mr. Justin Heaverin, Class of 2006 and founder of the Drum Line, has returned to coach the team.  His mother, Dr. Debbie Heaverin, was the Drum Line’s first moderator. 

I joined the Drum Line because I have always loved music, and I love to play guitar and tried drums and had a blast.”

— Trinity senior Andrew Adams

Currently, the Drum Line, which is rehearsing via Teams, has 10 members. At the start of the school year, the group had only four guys, so Mata had to do some recruiting.

The Drum Line strives to add energy to every event. Mata said, “The Drum Line has always been something that seems so much fun to be around. Before me, it was Ms. Martin, and I used to go to the events and saw how much energy they bring to the school. When I found out that they did not have somebody who would coordinate it, I decided it would be awesome to join.”

A world languages and math teacher, Mata recruits members for the Drum Line, oversees practices, and makes sure all their equipment is present. He said, “One big thing I have to keep track of is the students showing up to practice. If they do not show up, we cannot get better and will not be ready for upcoming events.”

While on campus, the Drum Line practiced every Thursday after school in the convocation hall.  Some other sports the Drum Line plays at include lacrosse, soccer, hockey and volleyball.

New member senior Nick Hodges is looking forward to playing at the basketball games because the crowd can hear them the most. A longtime interest in the drums inspired Hodges to join the group.

He said, “I joined the Drum Line because I have always had an interest in drums, and my friend suggested to join, and I said, ‘Sure, why not.'”

The group members share a love of music. Senior Andrew Adams said, “I joined the Drum Line because I have always loved music, and I love to play guitar and tried drums and had a blast. The football games are so much fun because I feel like we get the players hyped up and ready for the game. Also, the parents and staff usually compliment us, so it gives us energy.”