‘The Last Dance’ an Intriguing Look at Jordan’s Legacy 

Shane Limberg, Staff Reporter

Sweat rolls down Michael Jordan’s face as the exhausted 35-year-old knew this was his last shot at winning a title.

What turned out to be his sixth championship led to an ongoing debate about who is the greatest basketball player of all time?

Reminding us of the greatness of Jordan, ESPN Films dug deeply into the career, legacy and life of this basketball icon in a 10-segment documentary series shifting in and out of time titled “The Last Dance.”

“The Last Dance” is based around Jordan’s last season (1997-98) with the Bulls and the organization’s flaws that caused his early retirement. It outlines significant events throughout the historic life of Jordan. 

It is easy to forget Jordan’s accomplishments, but as we watch and learn about what he did, we have an appreciation for his hard work and mentality.”

I agree with Trinity freshman Jack Talbott, who said, “I think (‘The Last Dance’) was a very insightful documentary because it showed you what Michael Jordan went through mentally and physically.”

The story is truly fascinating, with several moments many may have forgotten.

Trinity sophomore Andrew Tinsley also enjoyed revisiting Jordan. He said, “I thought it was really good and inspiring because it took you back to a behind-the-scenes look at how Michael Jordan practiced and became so great, and how he pushed his teammates to be great.”

The film received great reviews from the public during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trinity senior Dylan McGrath appreciated the inside look fans don’t normally see. He said, “I thought it was a very nice film. It highlighted the background you normally don’t see about the Bulls and NBA organizations.”

The directing of this documentary was vital. Jason Hehir used a unique style, quickly transitioning throughout time.

This aspect of the documentary received mixed reviews because it made it difficult for some viewers to follow — but also made the coverage more entertaining than a chronological sequence of Jordan’s life.

Hehir created drama through his interviews with individuals depicted in the documentary. He conducted more than 100 interviews, including two with ex-presidents.

The interviews were the best part of the series, as they brought the story together and got valuable, interesting feedback from the people involved.

The doc had to make a few enemies to be successful and entertaining. Some of Hehir’s interviews exposed the flaws in Jordan and the people around him. Many in the film were upset by the way they were portrayed.

Talbott said, “It showed the stress of being a teammate with Michael Jordan and how competitive he was — and the stress you were under to perform at a high level with him to compete and win games.”

“The Last Dance” gave the world something to enjoy while everybody’s hopes were down. The series was supposed to have been released during the 2020 NBA finals but was released early due to COVID-19. The series blew up the internet as people finally had something to talk about.

ESPN Films put on another great show, ensuring sports lovers that history will not be lost. It is easy to forget Jordan’s accomplishments, but as we watch and learn about what he did, we have an appreciation for his hard work and mentality.