Freshman Mentoring Days Begin with Aquinas and Becket

ECHO Staff

To help offset the loss of Rockin’ and freshman retreat due to COVID, Campus Ministry, the Student Government, and the Counseling Department created Freshman Mentoring Days, according to Assistant Campus Minister Mr. Chris Luken.

On mentoring days (from 9-12) freshmen work with faculty and seniors to grow in their Trinity experience and bond a bit more with others in the Class of 2024.  These mentoring days, which provide breakfast in the convocation hall and allow students to dress down, are “optional but highly recommended.” All COVID protocols are, of course, followed.

The schedule for the Freshman Mentoring days:

2/24 – Aquinas                                                4/7 – Merton

2/24 – Becket                                                 4/14 – Patrick

3/3 – Dante                                                     4/21 – Romero

3/10 – Flannan                                                4/28 – Seton

3/17 – Gonzaga                                              5/12 – Toussaint