A Coaching Legend Decides ‘It Was My Time’


photo by Preston Romanov '21

Trinity teacher and football head coach Bob Beatty decided to retire after 21 years with the Rocks.

Sam Repp, Staff Reporter

After 21 years at the helm of Shamrocks football, head coach Bob Beatty announced his retirement from teaching and coaching at a press conference on Jan. 7.  Coach Beatty answered a few questions about his amazing career.

Q: When did you know you wanted to teach and coach football? Who or what inspired you in that direction?

A: I knew in the seventh grade this is what I wanted to do. My uncle was an assistant football coach, head basketball coach, and head track coach.  That’s the way things were done back then.  He always acted like it was fun, and so I decided that this was for me.

Q: Where did you attend high school and college, and were you an athlete?  Where did you start your teaching and coaching career?

A: I attended Butler High School in Butler, Mo.  I attended Pittsburg State University until I was a sophomore and then transferred to Missouri Southern State University where I played baseball for two years.  I played football, basketball, and ran track in high school because that was all there was.  I played semi-pro baseball in the summers.  I started my coaching and teaching career in Clinton, Mo.

Q: You were a successful coach before you came to Trinity. What motivated you to take this job?

Trinity has good facilities, but more importantly, they have great people.”

A: I took this job because you must have the proper fit to be successful in coaching.  By the proper fit, I mean you must have the same philosophy as your administration and parents.  I believe in accountability and discipline. Trinity believed in that, and so I knew this was the fit for me.  I did not have the same fit at my former school.

Q: How did you feel when you won your first state championship here at Trinity?

A: I was very elated on number one because that was why Trinity hired me — to win championships and do it the right way.

Q: How did it compare to this season’s (your 15th) championship?

A: This year was very special.  What a great way to be remembered as this old cowboy rides away.

Q: What was the toughest thing for the football team to overcome in the COVID season?

A: The toughest thing about this COVID season was preparing each week and not knowing whether we would have a game or not.

Q: What is the main goal for your players at the start of each football season?

A: The main goal each season is to be in the big dance at the end of the year.  The journey may take some detours, but you want to be in the dance at the end of the year.

Q: As a Hall of Fame and nationally recognized coach, why did you decide to retire?

A: You know when it is time.  Beating X in the semifinal game at Trinity and beating Male in the big dance, it provides a good backdrop for retirement.  There were no second guesses.  It was my time.

Q: What is special about Trinity?

A: What is special about Trinity is this.  I have always told my players, when people care, you prepare harder, you work harder, and you refuse to lose. Why, because the Trinity community cares.  Trinity has good facilities, but more importantly, they have great people.