A Big Thanks for Helping Us Make Good Decisions!


photo by Owen Rafferty

Trinity Guidance and Counseling Department — Front: Mr. Mike Magre, Mrs. Lucia Simpson, Mrs. Emily Waford, Ms. Allie Kerns. Back: Mr. Matt Manning, Mr. Devian Logan, Dr. Aaron Striegel, Ms. Mary Ann Hall

ECHO Staff

Crucial to any good learning environment is a strong guidance and counseling staff.  The Rocks are blessed with the best, helping students make good decisions on a daily basis. 

Mrs. Lucia Simpson heads the department as chair and works with the Traditional Department. Dr. Aaron Striegel is the counselor for the Advanced Program and is the Student Assistance Coordinator.

Other counselors are Mr. Mike Magre (Seniors/Juniors — Honors/Academic), Mr. Devian Logan (Sophomores — Honors/Academic and Diversity Counselor), Mrs. Emily Waford (Freshmen — Honors/Academic), Ms. Mary Ann Hall (Learning Support Program Director), Ms. Allie Kerns and Mr. Matt Manning (College and Career Counselors), and Mr. Jeremy Jackson and Mrs. Jennifer Browning (Academic Counseling/Scheduling).