A Quick Six from Spring Sports Senior Evan Elder


Trinity senior Evan Elder is a veteran of the Rocks lacrosse team. He intends to play collegiate lacrosse and football at Centre.

Davis Tatum, Staff Reporter

State runner-up in 2019, the lacrosse Rocks have their sights set on a state championship this year.  Senior Evan Elder answered some questions about playing lacrosse for the Rocks. 

Q: What are your goals for your senior season?

A: My overall goal is to work together with my teammates in pursuit of a state championship while also improving my game for collegiate lacrosse.

Q: How are looking to improve your game?

A: By attending practice each and every day with an open mindset and focus that will not only help and improve me but also my teammates and those around me. 

My biggest motivation to play this game is as simple as my love for the game.”

Q: Are there any team weaknesses that you are hoping to change?

A: One weakness I see is coming back from a year like last year. Last year was very rough on us, and everyone was devastated. Since last March to now, we have been off for almost 12 months, which is a very long time without playing. Getting back in the groove of things could definitely pose an obstacle.

Q: How do you manage your time between school and lacrosse?

A: I make sure to get any extra work or homework done within the windows of time I have between school and practice. I also use Wednesday work days to the best of my ability to make sure I’m caught up on all my work and assignments.

Q: Are you going to continue to participate in this sport after Trinity?

A: Yes, I will play lacrosse as well as football next year at Centre College.

Q: What is the biggest motivation for you to play lacrosse?

A: My biggest motivation to play this game is as simple as my love for the game. Much similar to my love for football, playing this sport has grown on me ever since I started playing in third grade. Playing a fun and exciting sport with all my friends motivates me, and so does the will to win and succeed, another motivational factor.