A Quick Six from Spring Sports Senior Gavin Noland


Trinity senior Gavin Noland

Ben Engel, Staff Reporter

The Rocks, under head coach Pete Schroeder, prepare to take on St. Xavier in a state championship battle tonight at 7:30 at CAL. The Rocks knocked off South Oldham 12-7  in the semifinals. 

Early this season Bellarmine signee Gavin Noland answered a few questions about his Trinity lacrosse career and the goal of winning a state crown.  

Q: You have had a great past three years. What are your goals coming into your final year?

A: To win the state championship. Last year we had one of our better teams, and I believe we had a great shot at winning the whole thing, but sadly it came to an earlier-than-expected end. This year my number-one goal is to win the state championship.

Q: Having signed with Bellarmine, what are some things you want to show them this year? Are there any improvements you want to make in your game?

A: It’s going to be a little nerve-racking having the Bellarmine coaches watching a good amount of my games this year. The main thing I want to get better at this year is my assists. I’ve been watching a lot of film and see many opportunities where if I dodged with my head up, I could’ve made a pass to lead to a goal.

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment in all the years you have played lacrosse? 

I strongly believe this team has a shot at the state title. ”


A: My biggest accomplishment so far is beating the single-season goal record at Trinity. My brother previously broke it his junior year; then my sophomore, I broke his.

Q: What are the challenges you and your team have faced during these unprecedented times?

A: Building that team bond. COVID restricted us from being able to lift preseason and have preseason practices, which are very important in building confidence in the younger players. Playing a varsity sport has a lot to do with confidence, and when you’re thrown onto the field for the first time two weeks before your first game, it’s a little eye-opening.

Q: Who is your favorite lacrosse player? Who would you say you mostly relate to?

A: My favorite lacrosse player is Michael Sowers. He is currently the star attackman at Duke. He has the ability to get everyone on the field involved. This off-season I’ve been watching a lot of his games and his style of playing the game, and I’ve been trying to take some forms of his game and build them into mine.

Q: What is your favorite thing about this team? Do you believe we have a shot at winning state this year?

A: My favorite thing about this team is the overall attitude. We had a stretch of seven straight days of practice, and everyone was still giving it their all even on a Sunday afternoon. I strongly believe this team has a shot at the state title. The main thing is building confidence in the young guns. There are some great freshmen and sophomores that can have a huge impact this year.