Rocks Raise Old Glory

ECHO Staff

Trinity’s Senior Flag Corps raises the flag before every home football game. 

Moderator Mrs. Mary Mason described the service the group provides: “The Flag Corps is dedicated to maintaining the dignity of these ceremonies, and they are widely appreciated by both home and visiting fans. Their work has been copied and used elsewhere in many high school stadiums.”

Members of the Senior Flag Corps “meet about a half an hour before each home football game, lower the American flag, fold it, and take it to the home side of the stands.  Then (they) return to the visitor’s side.  Once the two football teams have cleared the field, the ceremony begins.

“Some honorees are announced, and members of the Trinity chorus start singing ‘God Bless America.’ At this point (members of the Flag Corps) walk to the middle of the field and receive the flag from the honorees, and carry it to the flagpole, where (they) attach it and turn the crank to raise the flag while everyone sings the ‘Star Spangled Banner.'”