Young Football Rocks Seasoned for Playoff Run


photo by Lucas Sapata

The football Rocks’ fans and the team are ready for a strong playoff run.

David Pfeifer, Staff Reporter

Coming off a 56-21 win over Eastern that gave the football Rocks a district title, the team is preparing for a strong playoff run.

After a 27th state championship, a national ranking, and the graduation of almost all starters last year, the young team has had a season of growth — 3-7 at this point against powerful competition from Kentucky and other states.  First-year head coach Jay Cobb leads the Rocks.

With young players, many have questions about the Rocks’ chances in the postseason. At the beginning of the season, offensive lineman Drew Hatcher said, “With the kids and coaches we have, I am confident in what we can do.”

Every season, fans expect success from the Shamrocks. With a loaded schedule including top teams from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri, as well as Kentucky, every game has been a test for the Rocks. 

With the kids and coaches we have, I am confident in what we can do.”

— offensive lineman Drew Hatcher

With an upset of nationally ranked St. Xavier from Ohio (33-32) and three wins in the last four games, the Rocks have a reason for optimism as they go into the playoffs.

Last year’s COVID interruptions had some negative impact on the younger players.  “We didn’t get to go out and see a full football season. This made it more difficult for our class for sure,” junior wide receiver Jermaine Boyd said.

Before the season, Cobb knew expectations would be high. “Our goal is to improve each and every week going into the playoffs and make that playoff run,” Cobb said on the Rocks’ website. “Our players understand the expectations and embrace them.”

Junior defensive lineman Nick Hatcher is positive the Rocks have benefited from tough competition. He said, “We have a lot of young players, but we have been finding ways that we can work through it.”

Nick Hatcher expects a strong run in the playoffs. This has been the one of the most difficult schedules for any Trinity team, but they  prepared for it and will continue to fight.