Students Taught About West Louisville During Frazier Museum and LFP Library Field Trip


photo by Tyler Downes

Trinity students visited the Frazier Museum and the Louisville Free Public Library to learn about West Louisville.

ECHO Staff

Trinity students in Recent US History and African American Studies classes visited the Frazier Museum and Louisville Free Public Library Oct. 26 to see exhibits on West Louisville and the Ninth Street divide as well as the Tyler Gerth exhibit. (Tyler was a 2011  Trinity alum killed in June 2020 while serving as a photojournalist covering a protest downtown.) The students are taught by Mr. Chad Waggoner and Mrs. Betsy deGolian.

According to Waggoner, “(We) have been teaching a unit that covers the legacy of redlining and its current impact (including the rise of homicides in our city).”

The students will have a follow-up conversation with Louisville Metro Police Chief Erika Shields on Thursday, Oct. 28. Waggoner said, “Chief Shields will be here on campus providing her insight into the rise of violent crime as well answer questions from our students.”