‘Riveting’ Production of ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ Garners High Praise

ECHO Staff

“The ingenious way (Ms. Kate E. Reedy) chose to take us on the spiraling-down journey with Jekyll was riveting.”

“Carson Mehlbauer’s portrayal of the play’s namesake is one of the best dramatic performances I have ever seen in the history of Trinity’s DOTA.”

“Thank you, Kate, for offering up once again a superb educational opportunity for the cast and crew while taking the audience into this experience.”                                — Trinity President Dr. Rob Mullen

“‘Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’ is an amazing production full of energy and intense emotions. The lighting and production value are amazing complements to a well-rehearsed and tremendous ensemble performance.”

“It is choreographed in a thoughtful, entertaining way which will leave you a bit exhausted just watching the cast give it their all.”

“Congratulations to Kate and the entire crew on another production which will make you very proud. I know it did me.”                                                                                            — Trinity Principal Dr. Dan Zoeller


High praise indeed for the Trinity Department of Theatre Arts production of “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,” which closes with a performance Thursday evening (Nov. 4) and Sunday afternoon (Nov. 7).