‘The Best Year of My Life’


Ashton Sims, Staff Reporter

Senior year has been a blast so far.

Class is no longer Teams meetings, and I have actually been able to meet my teachers in person. I have been able to play intramural basketball on my House team and with my baseball friends. I hadn’t played intramural basketball since freshman year, so it is amazing to get to play a game I love with the people I love.

The baseball team has been working all year long for the upcoming season. I have also been putting in extra work this year, so I can’t wait to see how I am going to perform after not getting the chance to play much last year. I have continued to make friends both inside and outside  the classroom. I got to go on Senior Retreat and share my story with fellow seniors at Trinity. There were things I never even knew about my classmates that came out at the Mount.

In the second semester, I am starting to feel a sense of sadness rise. The year has gone by quicker than the blink of an eye. A week feels like a single day. I am running out of time at Trinity, and it pains me to say this. I owe everything to Trinity and the experiences it has given me.

Before Trinity, I never really knew who I was. Trinity has developed me into a man of faith and character. It has taught me solid work ethic and how to build healthy, long-lasting relationships with teachers and students. I have met most of my best friends at Trinity, and we will forever be able to share the Shamrock bond.

I owe everything to Trinity and the experiences it has given me.

It is unreal how fast these past four years have gone by. I always hear people mentioning cliché things about how if you are not careful you will look up and notice that high school has already passed. I never believed these things, but I can now confirm that these statements are correct. It feels like only yesterday I was a little, chubby freshman walking the Trinity halls for the first time.

Trinity senior Ashton Sims    photo by Line Drive Photography

While I am sad to be leaving Trinity in a few months, I am happy knowing that I have been prepared for success in the future. I have had great teachers for the past four years that have taught me how to be accountable and succeed in the classroom.

Trinity baseball has taught me that everything requires hard and constant work. You are never handed anything; rather, everything is earned. Being a House captain and involved in student government has taught me leadership skills. My friends and fellow seniors have taught me how to relax and enjoy the little things in life. I get nervous and stressed very easily, so it is nice to have people around me assuring me that everything is going to work out in the end.

There is a famous quote that would best describe what I am going to take away from my time at Trinity. The quote reads as follows: “You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it.” There are times when I haven’t been able to control the homework load I have been given, but I put my head down and got it done.

There have been tests I didn’t want to take, but I put everything aside to sit down and study to ensure that I got a good grade. There have been some not-so-fun nights while I have been at Trinity, but I have learned and grown from every one of them.

While my time at Trinity is almost up, I can’t wait to have fun over these remaining months. Baseball, intramural basketball,  marquee games, senior costume day, prom, graduation and many more events are to come. I plan to make the most of them all and finish my time at Trinity in the best way possible.

Senior year is going to be the best year of my life.