A Quick Six from Spring Sports Senior Noah Kolb

Chris Raymer, Staff Reporter

Coming off last year’s best state finish of any Louisville high school, the archery Rocks are continuing excellence with three firsts this season (at St. Albert, St. Gabriel and St. Stephen Martyr).  Noah Kolb, a senior member of the team, answered a few questions about his time as a Shamrocks archer.

Q: What brought you into the archery program, and when did you begin shooting?

A: I began shooting archery in the fourth grade. I’ve been shooting ever since and officially became a varsity member last year. However, that information means nothing without consistent practice and dedication to the sport, while also allowing yourself to have a bit of fun along the way. The big draw for me joining the archery team was that I thought about joining a sport, but I was never really the athletic type. I needed a sport where I could solely use concentration, focus, and entering a peaceful state of mind to “hit your center.” Thus, archery became the perfect candidate for that sport.

Trinity senior Noah Kolb

Q: How has being a part of the Trinity team made you a better archer, or teammate in general?

A: Being a part of the Trinity team has allowed me to meet other archers and truly connect with them, allowing for the opportunity to offer support for others and be a greater teammate overall.

Q: What strategies have allowed you to improve your skills and perform highly? 

I needed a sport where I could solely use concentration, focus, and entering a peaceful state of mind to “hit your center.” Thus, archery became the perfect candidate for that sport.

A: The main strategy to incorporate is listening. That means not only listening to your coach or for tips that may increase your overall performance, but also adapt to tune out distracting noises and sounds for an optimal score. It allows you to place your aim on that center and follow through calmly.

Q: What is your favorite memory related to Trinity archery? 

A: My favorite memory on the Trinity archery team, without a doubt, was aiming at the center of the target, but accidentally shooting straight through the top of the target, which I didn’t even think was possible before it happened. My friends continuously bring the event back up, which means that it has levels of memorability and a comedic impact. It also emphasizes the aspect of having fun and being able to laugh about major slip-ups such as this one.

Q: What is the toughest challenge for beginners in archery?

A: The toughest challenge for beginners would probably be initially “finding that center.” Most beginners either release too soon, aren’t aiming in the right spot, release the bow string incorrectly, aren’t standing with a straight posture, anything that can interfere with getting a satisfactory score. These skills are something that needs to be built up over time; it takes persistence. Overcoming discouragement is also a predominant challenge novices face in most sports. Just keep your head in the game, even if you’re doing little more than standing in one place, aiming at a box, and firing.

Q: What has being on the archery team taught you about life?

A: Being on the archery time has taught me to enjoy the little things. In archery, the environment is much less intense and rigorous. No one is going to be sweating and losing their heads playing this sport. It offers the chance to interact in a comfortable environment and balance your focus between the sport itself and establishing those bonds and memories that, while they may not be all that important and impactful in the grand scheme of things, they still feel special and memorable.