A Quick Six from Spring Sports Senior Ben Rueff

Leo McAllister, Staff Reporter

A tennis doubles state champion as a freshman, Trinity senior Ben Rueff looks to get back to the championship round this season.  Ben answered a few questions about his career as a Rocks tennis player. 

Q: What impact has playing tennis had on your years at Trinity?   

A: Playing tennis at Trinity has always given me something to do after school and on weekends. It has also introduced me to several people that I am now very close with.

Q: What has been your greatest individual accomplishment on the team? 

A: My greatest accomplishment with Trinity has to be winning the state championship in doubles as a freshman (with junior Justin Lee).

Trinity senior Ben Rueff

Q: When did you start playing tennis and who or what inspired you to play? 

A: I’ve been involved with tennis since before I can remember. My dad played his whole life and passed it on to me. He has always been my coach through everything.

Q: In what ways does tennis figure in your future? 

A: I’m going to play tennis next year at Centre College. I believe I will continue to play tennis my whole life because my dad still does, and it’s a good way to stay in shape.

Q: What have you learned about tennis from your coaches? 

A: I learned from my coaches at Trinity that tennis doesn’t always have to be an individual sport. I learned that I can be part of a team here at Trinity so I can play for something besides myself.

Q: What has playing tennis taught you about life? 

A: I have learned a lot of life lessons from tennis, but the best one is that you need to stay calm. If you get too upset, you can make bad decisions, but if you stay calm, you can take a deep breath and make the right choice.