A Quick Six with Spring Sports Senior Matt Klein


photo by Zach Woodall

Rocks catcher senior Matt Klein

Garrett Smith, Staff Reporter

Q: Why did you begin playing baseball competitively?

A: I began playing baseball because that is what my dad did. I grew up playing with him in the backyard every day after he came home from work.

Q: What is the outlook for the team this season?

A: The team is very good this year. I think we have a great shot at winning back-to-back state titles.

Q: What skills are needed most to be an excellent catcher? 

A: Catchers really need to be flexible and have good hand-eye coordination.

Q: What is your favorite memory as a member of the baseball team?

A: My favorite memory is winning a state title with my brothers for life.

Q: In what way do you plan to continue playing baseball after your high school career?

A: I plan to attend and play baseball for the University of Louisville.

Q: What is your fondest memory of Trinity High School?

A: My favorite memory is going on retreat. There I really grew, and it helped me gain a new perspective on other people as well as myself.