A Quick Six with Spring Sports Senior Will Perdue

Jaxon Straub, Staff Reporter

After blanking Ballard 19-0, the lacrosse Rocks will host a state quarterfinal game Monday night, May 16,  at Trinity. The Rocks’ opponent will be determined at a State Tourney draw meeting. Senior Will Perdue answered a few questions about his lacrosse career. 

Q: Why did you begin playing lacrosse competitively?

A: It was a sport that was not very popular, and it was a major change of pace from volleyball and basketball.

Trinity senior Will Perdue  photo by Line Drive Photography

Q: What is the outlook for the team this season?

A: This season the team is very young, especially our offense, and we need to rely on our pure skills to beat teams who have size and age advantage.

Q: What position do you play and what skills are needed most?

A: I play close defense, and some skills I need to play this position are physical strength and lateral quickness.

My fondest memory of Trinity High School is spending quality time with my classmates and brothers during practice and games.

Q: What has been your favorite memory on the lacrosse team?

A: So far, my favorite memory is North Carolina team camp summer of sophomore year.

Q: In what way do you plan to continue playing lacrosse after your high school career?

A: I am attending Miami university next year, and I plan on playing on their club lacrosse team since they do not offer it at the divisional level.

Q: What is your fondest memory of Trinity High School?