Taking Time to See the Spirit in the Shamrock


photo by Whit Hilleary

Ryan Whelan and Whit Hilleary, Staff Reporters

Hectic days on campus may leave little time to see the brilliance within simplicity.  Sophomores Ryan Whelan and Whit Hilleary went in search of the tiny flashes of light that illuminate this special place. 



The yellow-throated warbler, the highest remotest voice

of this place, sings in the tops of the tallest sycamores,

but one day he came twice to the railing of my porch

where I sat at work above the river.  He was too close

to see with binoculars. Only the naked eye could take him in,

a bird more beautiful than every picture of himself,…

more beautiful than any human mind, so small and inexact, 

could ever hope to remember. My mind became

beautiful by the sight of him….

                                                                       — Wendell Berry