What Trinity Means To Me….


photo by Ryan Whelan

ECHO Staff

Fifteen members of the Class of 2022 were asked what Trinity High School means to them.  Excerpts from their powerful responses follow:

Trinity is a place that has shaped me into who I am today. It helped me better understand my faith, through senior retreat and several different religion classes. My dad, two uncles, and my grandpa all went to Trinity, so it felt good to continue the tradition, and hopefully, I will send my own children to Trinity….To me, Trinity means family.   — Tyler Downes

Trinity means home to me. I have come here for four years. I have come here for so much of my life, I consider it home. It is where I met all my brothers, not just my Trinity baseball brothers, but also my brothers for life. I will remember, love, and always care for these brothers because we truly are a family….Trinity is where I found my passion for engineering, my love for baseball, and who I really am as a person.       — Matt Klein

I am happy and grateful for the brotherhood Trinity provided. Trinity was a very good environment for me and helped me mature.  Trinity overall represents a good community of people. I will always be extremely proud to have been part of this community.     — Will Millett

Trinity to me is more than just a school — Trinity is a place where you always feel at home. Everyone is a brother no matter what. Trinity has made me into a better person through the caring teachers and the loving brothers. (Dealing with COVID), I feel like we have all gotten stronger as a class and realize just how fast life and time moves, and that we need to spend every moment like it could be the last.   — Alex Mooney

Everyone was open and welcoming on my first day of school. The Trinity brotherhood is strong. The people you meet and the friendships you make will undoubtedly be everlasting. The Trinity faculty has also had a substantial impact on my life as well.   — Connor Nelson

Trinity High School has allowed me to grow into a man of faith and character. From the first time I shadowed at Trinity, I saw everyone living this mission statement. Trinity has been a safe place to meet new people and learn how to react to difficult situations, among many other important aspects of growing into a man. If given the chance to start this journey again, I would without hesitation.   — Quinn Nickell

It is no understatement to say Trinity has meant everything to me. It has changed the way I am and taught me lessons I otherwise might have never learned. From the day I walked into Trinity, the teachers had more of a friendship with their students. I love the community and family that comes with going to Trinity, and once you are in, you are in for life.                                                                                              — Favio Sanchez

I have had memorable experiences and found great friends. Trinity has been a big reason for that for me and for countless others. Trinity is special (because of) the people in it and the people that have been a part of it. We all truly care about one another’s well-being and success.                                                                                                                — Collin Sanders

The moment I walked in, it just felt like the right place. This school will always remind me of the work I was able to accomplish in my time here. Sometimes it felt taxing, but in the end, it was rewarding to see the grade that came from all the hard work. All the…memories I made with my brothers will be the things I take with me long after I graduate from Trinity High School.                 — Garrett Smith

Brotherhood and love. That’s why I chose Trinity, and that is exactly what I’m taking away from it. While at Trinity the theme of brotherhood is echoed throughout all four years. At Trinity, the support you will see from the entire community allows each student to grow into their own skin.  I will always be in debt to Trinity for being the support system that made me into the person I am today.   — Jaxon Straub

Trinity really is a brotherhood. I’ve met amazing people here and wouldn’t change anything. Trinity also means an opportunity to better yourself and a chance to mature as a person. Without Trinity, I believe I would not have the same life lessons to shape and mold me into who I am today. I really enjoyed my time at Trinity and will miss being a student here.  Words cannot explain how grateful I am for being able to attend Trinity High School.  — Lucas Sapata

When I first stepped onto campus on the first day of school, I looked around and knew I made the best choice. Trinity has been so special to me, because I was finally able to share something in common with my grandfather and continue his legacy. What I will miss most about Trinity is the people, tradition, and brotherhood. It is not always easy saying goodbye to something you love, but it is a time that I will cherish for the rest of my life and forever be thankful for.  — Zach Woodall

I have made many decisions in my lifetime. But no decision shaped who I am like my decision to attend Trinity High School. My high school career has been nothing short of fantastic. My academic achievements are something I take pride in, but I walk away from here prouder of the bonds I have made. I feel as if the friends I have made here will last me a lifetime. Trinity truly is a brotherhood, and I have been beyond blessed to spend the last four years here.  — Carson Carrico

Being a part of the Trinity brotherhood is not a four-year deal — you get it for a lifetime. Trinity gives every boy a place to belong and the chance to grow into a man. Men of faith and character truly are formed at this special place. Trinity will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I will never forget all the great memories from the last four years. There’s only one way to end this amazing journey — with a big “Go, Rocks!”                                                                                         — Owen McGreevy

Simply put, Trinity means everything to me. My Trinity experience has formed me into a man of faith and character. I would not be who I am today without being a Shamrock. There truly is a brotherhood here at Trinity, and I am excited to see how strong that brotherhood remains among the alumni. Trinity is just such a welcoming place. While it is exciting to move onto the next stage of my life, I am a little sad to leave this place. But it is time to move on, and I know that I will be able to succeed in college and so on thanks to everything Trinity has given me. I am truly grateful that I decided to attend Trinity, and I wouldn’t change that decision for anything.              — Ashton Sims