What Does Trinity Mean to Those Still on the Journey?

ECHO Staff

What does Trinity High School mean to those still on their four-year journey?  Three sophomores and two juniors shared thoughts about their future alma mater. 


Brotherhood. What is brotherhood? Trinity is brotherhood. Trinity is more than just a school. It is a place for students to make friends and get to know other people, learn about anything they want to, and express their own opinions. Before attending Trinity, I had only heard amazing things about the school. When I shadowed, I saw the amazing things happen in full motion. I instantly knew that Trinity was the place for me. After completing my freshman and (almost) sophomore year, and with half of my high school career being over, I don’t regret coming to Trinity at all. Trinity means everything to me. I would be lost without the knowledge and relationships I have gained going to Trinity — and the school spirit inspired in me. Becoming a part of the brotherhood is so meaningful to me because everybody needs brotherhood in their life. What is brotherhood? Trinity.                — Whit Hilleary, Class of 2024


Trinity to me means brotherhood. It is a willingness to help each other even when it might be more convenient not to help someone. In previous schools I’ve been at, that sense of brotherhood with your classmates just isn’t there. It seems like it was harder to make friends at those other schools than it is here. Most people are friendly enough to strike up a conversation even if you don’t know them the greatest. That’s why Trinity to me is about brotherhood and the connections between people. An example of this is when a student who wasn’t the most athletic guy did something cool during a dodgeball game; everybody cheered for him, not in a mocking way but in a genuinely happy way. That was just one example, but there are plenty of times where things similar to that have happened, and everyone came out better for it. That is what Trinity is to me.                                                       — Leo McAllister, Class of 2024


Trinity means a place where I can discover new things. While I have been at Trinity. I have discovered new things I like and have learned about the things I knew I liked. Before I went to Trinity, I didn’t know that I liked theater or that I even wanted to join it. Last year I decided to join it, and now I can’t imagine what my high school experience would be like if I didn’t join. I knew in grade school that I liked science, and at Trinity I learned so much more about biology and chemistry.

Trinity is also a place for me to meet new people. At Trinity, I have made new friends and talked to even more people. I have met people in my classes and at my extracurricular activities.

Trinity High School is a very important part of my life and always will be. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I never went to Trinity.                                                                               — Ryan Whelan, Class of 2024


Trinity means having a constant and strong support system behind you. Whether it is my teachers helping me with an assignment or studying for a test with a classmate, whether it is an academic or personal endeavor, someone is always there to help.  Trinity means community. No matter where you are on campus, you’ll always find somebody to talk to or to simply just be with. Whether it’s the student section at a football game or the computer lab, you’ll always find a guy to chat with or work with. But the community reaches much further than just our campus. I’ve had personal experiences at job shadows or volunteer projects where I meet alumni from Trinity who talk about how great the school was for them, and it’s even allowed me to make connections that can assist me in my future beyond high school.               — Chris Raymer, Class of 2023


Trinity is about family. It sounds redundant, but I think its 100 percent true, and I’m only realizing it this year — the year before I graduate.

I started at Trinity freshman year feeling out of place. I kept trying to insert myself into conversations that I knew nothing about and had nothing to do with me, in hopes that I might make friends. I felt out of place — until I met Ms. Kate Reedy. She introduced me to the Trinity Department of Theatre Arts and my life flipped upside down. At first it was a bit scary….But I remember the exact moment I realized I was at home in the theater.

I had been cast as Buttercup the Horse in Trinity’s production of “The Three Musketeers.” We had been asked to attend a class to learn to fight with swords for the show. At first, I was nervous, but I wasn’t the only novice there. I remember how friendly everyone was to me, and how the seniors made everyone know they were being included. Being able to fight and learn with these guys was one of the best experiences I’ve had in the theater, and I won’t forget it any time soon. That isn’t the only experience. I’ve had so many over the past three years that I cannot remember them all. But I know that Trinity theatre is the place for me; it’s a family that doesn’t give up on each other.

I started off my Trinity career as the back end of a horse. Now, I am about to become the head Stage Manager and one of the leaders of the Trinity Department of Theatre Arts as a senior by becoming the Director of Marketing for the department. I will be able to use the skills I’ve acquired from this class specifically to interview the cast and crew, and publish the interviews for the entertainment of our online following.

I’ll never forget what I’ve learned in this class or during my career in the theater. I firmly believe it will stay with me forever.                                                                                                                              — Brandon King, Class of 2023