Meet the Trinity Cheerleaders and Cross Country Rocks!


photo by Mr. Chad Waggoner

Front Row: assistant coach Axel Halvarson, head coach Craig Kannapel, assistant coach Jimmy Serochi, assistant coach Scott Holzknecht. Second Row: Jake Hagan, Chris Fryrear, Duncan Phillips, Elliott Crumbo, Lyle Goodwin, Logan Hancock, Morgan Frederick, Austin Hundley, Jacob Fryrear, Manager Nathan Kuhn. Third Row: Ryan Carothers, Haydon Spears, Tucker Dalton, Ben Doyle, George Smith, Matthew Federico, Logan Sydenstricker, Rilon Craddock, Jack Frederick, Conner Anderson, Drew Koon. Fourth Row: Dylan Kyser, Nate Maddox, Jordan Falin, Jude Turner, Ben Rutherford, Sullivan Yaden, Henry Schreck, Gabe Turner, Brayden Sills, Josh Matheny. Back Row: Brady Dinsmore, Ryan Kimery, James Johnson, Grayson Roberts, Gabe Storey, Will Ready, Peyton Lomax, Matthew Rendon, Peyton Tindall, John Kelley, Eli McCoy. Not Pictured: Eli Oetken, manager Dashal Smothers, Rob Riney, Fernando Browning

The Trinity High School cheerleading team is comprised of juniors and seniors from Assumption High School and Sacred Heart Academy. The 2022-23 cheerleaders promote spirit for their team at home and on the road. The cheerleaders are active in the Louisville community, volunteering their time and talent to several local causes. They began their season by attending camp at KCC, learning new skills they hope to demonstrate together this season. The team is led by coaches Annie Devine and Mallory Tompkins. Mrs. Kristin Meyer is the team’s moderator.
The cross country Rocks, according to head coach Craig Kannapel, “are young with high expectations. Our team will grow together and work hard to be in the mix for a state championship. Most of all, we are excited to spend another season improving and competing together as brothers.”
Junior Elliott Crumbo said, “I’m excited to start practicing together and assess our fitness. We have a young team, so we will be challenging some guys to step up and put in the work. It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding when we reach our goals.”
The team will compete in several local meets, including the Tiger Run and prestigious Trinity Invitational. The team will also travel and compete in regional meets in Mason, Ohio, and Atlanta.