Rocks Theatre Transports Audiences to Sherwood Forest

ECHO Staff

The Trinity Department of Theatre Arts fall production, “Sherwood — The Adventures of Robin Hood,” received rave reviews.  The play was performed Oct. 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, Nov. 2, 3, 5 in Trinity Auditorium.

Trinity Principal Dr. Dan Zoeller described the show as a “raucous romp. Henry Mumaw as Robin Hood and Liam Amick as Friar Tuck were two of the many highlights of the evening. Caleb Caudill and Ben Scobee were terrific stumbling villains, and the rest of the cast provided constant slapstick shenanigans. The set is another marvel of clever construction, both colorful and utilitarian. I got there early last night and spent a good 10 minutes just admiring my surroundings. Kudos to all in the production crew!”

Trinity President Dr. Rob Mullen was equally impressed: “I was entertained by and enthralled with ‘Sherwood.’ What a hoot.  Every inch of the stage was used, lighting and sound were just right, audience-involvement was high, set design and changes were flawless, and of course the performances were top-notch. (Director/Producer) Kate E. Reedy was able to get the most out of the talented (and also young) cast.”