A Natural Masterpiece

Matthew Goatley, Contributing Writer

The gravel driveway crumbled under my feet while I walked to the back of the property. With lead-colored cloudy skies and cold winds, goats were creeping around, making noises to show they were hungry and cold. The farm animals graze to stay warm.

The wind whispered loudly through the woods, swaying the trees back and forth. Red, green, yellow, and brown leaves created a crunchy move throughout the forest. The dry, brown grass was caused by low rainfall and unstable weather. There was not much sunlight. In the middle of fall, it felt like winter.

The night sky darkened the wooded area. Temperatures decreased as the gusts of wind picked up and goats traveled to their home. Crunchy grass and straw made the bedding harder, but they stayed warm and cuddled up together. Straw would begin being slurped up by the herd in order to keep the body warm. 

The animals created a masterpiece, blending in with one another while the gusty night winds blew.

Water slowly became crystal ice, causing the goats to have no drinking water. Tucked away in the corner, covered by straw, they cuddled with one another, showing the love of a herd.

Frozen grass beneath the shoes went to hard dirt and mulch where the chickens were. The rooster crowed loudly, forcing the hens into the cage. The ducks gave soft, gentle looks as they stayed outside in their pond. Swimming from one side to another in the little pond, their feathers kept them warm. The brownness of the water was disgusting and cold, but the white and black ducks made it look pleasant.

The animals created a masterpiece, blending in with one another while the gusty night winds blew.

Wood was stacked for miles, it seemed, along the driveway. Some pieces were full, while others split into quarters or eighths. The popping filled my ears from the wood burning. Smoke filled my lungs from the wood stove. Ash, cherry, walnut, and oak came together to make a mysterious combination.

Hot red ashes fell greatly, which produced extreme heat in the house. Sparks came off as a ginormous flame burned the hard wood. There is always a bright light no matter what the glorious day brought.

Beautiful smoke filled the outside air. The inside would need the intense heat for such a cold, dreadful night.