A Place to Exceed Expectations

Drew Hatcher, Staff Reporter

Trinity has meant the world to me and has influenced me in amazing ways. Trinity defines brotherhood to me.

Growing up, I always heard of Trinity creating brother-like bonds, but I never fully understood that meaning. After almost four years, I can confidently say that Trinity has given me many friends that I can truly call brothers.

Senior Drew Hatcher

Those brothers have helped me through many challenges that would have never been accomplished if it weren’t for them.

First coming to Trinity, I knew some kids from grade school, but I also wanted to meet new people. I did exactly that and met some of my best friends. This wouldn’t have been possible without Trinity giving me these connections.

They’ve done so much to see me grow and develop in the best way possible.

Trinity has also developed me physically and mentally, giving me a new sort of brotherhood. I’ve gained good weight and have reached physical attributes I would’ve never expected to achieve.

Playing football taught me many lessons about life and pushed me to my absolute limitations. I never take it for granted and am glad I played all four years. Academically, I set decently high expectations, and Trinity absolutely blew them out of the water.

Trinity has fully prepared me to become a college student and to pursue my dreams of being a successful man one day. Teachers want you to succeed, push you in every way possible, and bend over backwards just to see you smile.

Overall, Trinity means the absolute world to me. They’ve done so much to see me grow and develop in the best way possible. Without Trinity, I would be nowhere near the amazing man I am today.